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Marketing Mix Strategy And Ideas Assessment Answer



This study is done to understand the marketing strategy, competitive advantage of a company as well as understand about the company work. and Coca-Cola has chosen for this study. Both are multinational companies and one of the biggest companies in their industry. The strategies adopted by them, worked as core competitive for both of them. These companies are another name of success in their own industry. The strategy of Amazon depends upon intensive research done by their exports. With help of these intensive study and strategy, Amazon achieved its goal and now it is on top.  Amazon’s creativity, innovation worked as competitive advantage for us. Coca cola is the largest non alcoholic beverage company in beverage industry worldwide. Campaign strategy uses by coca cola helps it to achieve its goals. This study has helped in understanding marketing scenario, segmenatation, customer, kind of customers very well. is basically an American company serving in electronic sector, but nowadays it is a symbol of online business. Mr. Jeff Bezoz founded this company in 1995; their first product line was books. Now is in the top leading e-business company worldwide.  For becoming the most successful company in the industry it focused on being the World’s most consumer oriented company. Amazon is now providing ample variety of products like CDs, Computer software, DVDs, toys, apparels, gifts, furniture etc. the core competitive advantage of Amazon is that is offers a big range of products to its customers (Amazon, 2016).

Case study on

Amazon faced so many downfalls in its earliest time. In 2001, Amazon first time made its profit. For reaching the state of biggest and top convenient e-business store, it had to face many threats and problems. But because of Mr. Jeff Bezoz and their strategy framework company able to reach on this state. Amazon built a good relationship and a partnership with other companies for being on the top in the period of 1997-2006. The success of Amazon is not just a matter of time; it took so many efforts, strategy, innovation, dedication, technology, good relation with other brands for reach on the top. It was not easy for Amazon as their competitors are Apple, Google, Yahoo and other e-business book stores.


Coca-cola is one of the fastest increasing multinational drink companies in beverages sector. Mr. John Stith Pemberton created Coca cola for the first time in 1886 and it is served first time at Jacobs Pharmacy. Earlier, company had a very rough start. The name of company was given by their accountant “frank”. Company registered itself in 1886. Its standard bottle was designed in 1915 by Alexander Samuelson. Coca cola has celebrated its 125 years in 2011. It is a billion dollar brand now and whole North American bottling business has been acquired by it. Coca cola is the biggest company of world in selling beverages. Coca cola’s product line is consisting more than 500 brands. Popular product of coca cola is diet coke, sprite, minute maid, Fanta etc (Coca cola, 2016).

Case study on Coca cola:

Coca cola is in the market from last 130 years. It is one of the oldest beverage companies in world. Coca cola is doing campaigns to grab the market more and introduce itself in the new market. Coca cola is using campaign strategies from the starting for launching and re-launching its new product, in new market to the world. Coca cola’s marketing campaigns comes in the most effective campaigns in the world.  “Share a coke”, “always coca cola”, “the world’s cup” etc is its biggest and most successful campaign (Hassan at all, 2014).

Evidences: and coca cola is doing very well in their industries. Both brands are well known brand and having their offices around 200 countries. The strategy adopted by them to grab the market, really worked. And now both of them are enjoying the most market share of their industry. Amazon is the first choice of every book lover for buying the book and coca cola represented itself as another name of happiness. The tag line using by coca cola is really impressive, “Open happiness” (Stake, 1995).

Evidence for is the largest online store worldwide. Amazon faced so many problems in its earlier stage but with dedication, effort, creativity, innovation, hard work etc. it achieved the success. Strategies adopted by Amazon helped it to grab the market more and establish itself as worldwide company. Amazon’s total sales was $74.45 billion in 2013, which has been increased by 2011 (48.08 billion) sales (Appleinsider,2010). The sales growth is 21.87% in 2013 in comparison of 2011. Amazon’s market share of January to April was 41.2% of total market. The sales are increased by $23 billion in this period. According to Forrester research e-comm. Sales will grow to $530 billion or more till 2020 (Forrester research,2016). And if Amazon maintains its market share then sales of Amazon will be $218.4 billion (Kam, 2016).

Evidence for coca cola:

Coca cola and Pepsi, the biggest brand of beverage industry has control over 60% of market of non alcoholic beverage industry. Out of which approx 40% market is of coca cola. Without any doubt Coca cola is growing very rapidly. The beverage industry is expected to grow up by $300 billion till 2020. If coca cola maintain its share then market capital will increase by $90 billion. Company is growing up by the rate of 6.9% (Adromida,2011).


The report complies about marketing strategy, core competence of Amazon and coca cola both the companies using their marketing strategies at best for being the best company in the industry.

Analysis of Amazon:

Amazon is using innovation, creativity, hard work, dedication as its competitive advantages which are helping it to not only grabbing the market but maximising its revenue also. Amazon analyzes the market first and according to that, with some creativity, it takes innovative ideas to achieve its target. Amazon makes its strategy according to the market and competitors. Amazon provides product in such a manner, that a consumer can easily get satisfied with it. According to a study 80% reviews on Amazon products are positive (mizil at all, 2009). Amazon has innovated its products as now Amazon is providing e-books too for readers and thus people are saying that they will increase their spending on Amazon. Free shipping idea of Amazon is blockbuster decision as consumers are very likely shopping from here because they need not to pay more. This strategy of Amazon helped Amazon to get more customers worldwide. Its fast delivery option is attracting customer more (Novellino, 2012). The customer oriented approach of Amazon helped the company to expand its market. By using creativity, Amazon get success in diversify its market as well as grabbing the worldwide market. The business strategy of Amazon totally depends upon market research, creativity, approaches, innovation etc (frey and cook, 2004)

Analysis of Coca cola:

Coca cola is the largest company of non alcoholic industry worldwide. It is doing campaign for grabbing the market. It is the competitive advantage of marketing of company. Coca cola’s campaign rated as world’s best marketing campaign. Recently coca cola has done marketing campaign foe world cup also. The best campaigns of coca cola which best present marketing strategy of coca cola are “share a coke”, “the world cup”, “always coca cola” etc campaign.  “Share a coke” campaign was launched in June and july,2014. This campaign was a great success as at that time 3,53,000 virtual coke bottles have been shared through campaign website. 1,25,000 social media post had referenced about “share a coke” campaign (Tadena,2014). This campaign was launched in 20 global markets. Sales of coca cola have been increased by 39% through this campaign. “Always coca cola” Campaign is one of the best marketing campaigns till now. It is credible for permanent branding of polar. This campaign was launched in 1993. This campaign was launched for coke to grab the opportunities in the market. This campaign increased market value of coca cola brand as well as helped coca cola in gaining more loyal customers. “The world cup campaign” was launched in 2014 at the time of FIFA world cup. Coca cola was official sponsor of this match (coca cola, 2016). Through this campaign of coca cola, coca cola gave a chance to people to share their realistic story with company and other people. This campaign helped coca cola in gaining 1 million fans from 90 countries.


This study reveals about Marketing strategy, competitive strategy of Coca cola and This study describes that how both companies achieved their success. Which factors helped both of these companies to be the largest company in the industries, they are performing. Coca cola campaign plays an important role for grabbing and promoting the coca cola products as well as Amazon. Com’s strategy, innovation, creativity, customer oriented approach helped it to be the largest online retail store.


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