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Mba401 People Culture And Contemporary Assessment Answer


Creating a family-friendly culture

Reducing the employee turnover

Attracting suitable employees.

By making flexible schedules for the employees, it is possible to establish a family-friendly culture for the company.

Providing half day leaves on Saturdays.

Providing flexi-work timings on Saturdays.

This initiative is chosen because it will increase the satisfaction index of the employees.

This initiative improves employee morale.

By improving the pay packages, it is possible to reduce the employee turnover in the respective organization.

Providing bonuses to employees

Providing incentives to employees

This initiative is chosen because it will help the respective business organization to retain its workforce for a long span of time.

These initiatives will aid  the training programs to attract suitable candidates for the  company.

Training Evaluation

Feedbacks taken  from managers

Employee  Survey

Assessment Of Training Outcomes

The employees will feel more motivated

Low rates of absenteeism

High morale of employees

Good bonding with other team members

High productivity

High satisfaction index of employees

The topics that would be covered in the training program are as follows:

Probuild’s work culture

Core values of Probuild Constructions

How to maintain professional-personal life balance

Understanding business goals of the respective organization and how it is associated with work-life balance

Team dynamics

Understanding work-life flexibility and meeting the needs of a diverse group

Managing changes in organizational culture

How To Retain And Attract Employees

There are different techniques by which employees can  retain its existing workforce.

In accordance with the opinion of Rana, Seebauer and Metelmann (2018), by offering positive working environment, it is possible for the recruiters to retain the existing workforce and attract new employees.

By offering competitive benefits to its employees, it is possible for any organization to keep its workforce and attract new talents.

 Moreover, Al Mamun and Hasan (2017) commented that by providing competitive benefits such as life insurance benefits to its employees, it is  possible for the managerial section of Probuild Constructions to retain the employees for a long time. Not only this, this particular strategy is capable of attracting new employees.

It has been observed that pay packages should be improved in order to attract the new talents.

It is also capable for keeping the existing workforce for a long time.

It has been observed that Sfinancial rewards are capable of motivating the employees working at this company.  

It has been observed that monetory benefits are capable of inspiring the employees to deliver their best performance within the working environment of this particular company.

In accordance with the opinion of Al Mamun and Hasan(2017), there are two types of recruitment strategies that are usually used for recruiting the employees.  

In this regard, it can be stated that internal as well as external recruitment strategies that can be used by Probuild Construction for employing their potential candidates. S


In accordance with the opinion of Cosio-Lima et al. (2017), internal job boards are the online job boards in which companies like Probuild Constructions can post the jobs for serving the purpose of recruiting new employees.

According to Cosio-Lima et al. (2017),internal transfer is a sort of recruitment strategy that transfers the workinsg professional from one department to another department. In this regard, it can commented that this method can be adopted by Probuild Construction.

In accordance with the opinion of Rana, Seebauer and Metelmann (2018),  media advertisement is one of the most common forms of external recruitment.

Walk-ins is a kind of direct recruitment where employees come down for interview after seeing the advertisement in the newspaper or professional journal


It is seen that managers often faces challenges to motivate their staffs and retain their staffs. Therefore, it is a suggestion for the management  of Probuild Construction to foster creativity in the working process.


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