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Moral Responsibility And Motivational Mechanisms Assessment Answer



The engagement of the employees in the organisation is very important for the growth and the success of the company or an organisation. The involvement of the employees within the organisation, helps the employees to be focused on the clear goals, empowered, trusted, receiving constructive and the regular feedback, support of the new skill development and get recognition for the achievements (Chandani et al., 2016). The emotional connection of the employees towards the organisation, tend to influence the behaviour of the employee and also increases the efforts towards the activities related to the work. The more the engagement of the employee in the organisation, the more are the efforts of the employee for achieving the goals of the organisation. The employee engagement also includes the job nature itself, the individual feels mentally stimulated; communication and the trust between the management and the employee; the employee's ability to contribute towards the company performance with the better job performance; it also increases the growth opportunities within the company. Employee engagement also results in increasing the pride level of the individuals about the job or the work which relates to the organisation. (Vestal, 2012)

The better performance of the organisation is based on the integrity, trust, the commitment between the two and with the better communication between the employees and the organisation (Arruda, 2016). In this case, the implementation of the new process of the different hierarchy system resulted into no direct interaction of the management with the junior staff members of the company which as a result affected the growth of the company. The two-way communication in an organisation results into the higher chances of the company growth, contributing to the individual and the organisational performance, well-being, and the productivity. The employee engagement during the Tim working period was in a great way, there was no hierarchy level and a great communication happens between the consultants and the

In this case scenario in spite of the employees of the XYZ company were getting handsome wages still were not motivated towards the organisation because of the absence of the employee recognition, prestige, and status. The employees were not getting good interaction with the seniors which were managed by the Tim in a better way. The employees were also lacking the peace and the comfort. This results in the lack of the motivational tools among the employee. According to the Maslow Theory among the employees of the XYZ consultants, the self-actualization, and the self-esteem is absent. The Alderfer’s theory states that the employee motivation includes the three core needs, which are the relatedness, existence, and growth.The Fiona decision of removing the performance bonus also works against the employee motivation towards the organisation goals. As these incentives and bonuses act as motivational factors and increases the employee engagement in the organisational objectives and goals. Hence, the employees according to the Maslow theory of rewards were also not happy and frustrated with the rewarding concept of the organisation.

Fiona new leadership Environment:

In the old organisation, Tim used to follow the open management style which develops, the better and open communication between the employees, whereas Fiona applied the Hierarchy system which developed the communication gap between the employees and the management. Tim used to resolve the issues as they happened in the organisation and the Friday meetings were held which helps in resolving the organisational issues and give a clear expectation of the Tim for his clients. Tim focused on dividing the equal workload among the employees, which resulted in the healthier work-life balance which was missing at the time of Fiona management.

The organizational behaviour is able to play a vital role refer the organizational development and the overall performance of the organization. Organizational behaviour also assists in the enhancement of the individual and the group satisfaction, performance, and the commitment. The senior management, whoever wants the comprehensive success of their concerned organization refers the corporate world; they are also required to properly understand the behaviour of the organization (Heather, 2005). The organization behaviour assists the organization so as to be much more effective. The organizational behaviour refers a manner or way which helps in properly recognizing all kinds of the behaviour of the staff and also to carefully identify the connection with the all other staff in a company.

Thus, it is also beneficial for any of the organization to increase its advantages and the proper innovation. The motivation has been a conceptual fact that is essential to get to know the behaviour of the organization plus the organisational performance (Heather, 2005). Hence, it is vital for the organisational management to carefully understand the factors which are responsible for the motivational factor. It is an important tool by which the concerned managers are able to find out the most effective outcome by their staff and increasing the performance refer the company. The external and internal factor raises the desire and the commitment among the individual for the best performance outcome (Kocherlakota, 2015).

Organisational Theory and Equity Theory of Motivation:

The organisational management is required to judge the proper behavior of the staff by his activities refers the organization. The analysis declares and finds out that the meeting and also the talking to the seniors, plus the sharing of the experiences with their seniors is also a way to develop the interpersonal skills of the staff in a company. The absence of the communication that lies between the staff and the management result into the inadequate growth of the organisation, and the misunderstanding also rises among the staff and the management and this also acts as a hurdle in reach and every aspect of the workings. by providing the appropriate platform for the staff to discuss their feelings, the organisation is sure to get the success in the future (Houger, 2015). This also enhances the faith level of the employees of the organisation and results into the merry working atmosphere all around. Such kinds of the improvements are required for the overall growth of the organisation, in both shorter and the longer terms.

The motivation theory of the equity gives the idea that the staff members are to be motivated by the acts of fairness which are performed by the organisation and the retention level of the staff also is mostly dependent on the equality concepts, which are operated by the organisation. In this case, there was no equivalent distribution of the workload and the wages among the staff. The staffs with the better wages are still dissatisfied with the jobs because having no further time for the professional development.

Fiona Immediate Changes:

The changes which the Fiona must follow are the better communication with the employees of the organisation in spite of the designation. The decision of the Fiona must not be biased rather it should be based on the facts. This will help in the application of the Herzberg theory of Motivation which includes the two factors Hygiene and the motivation. Motivation helps in the job satisfaction of the employees towards their job and will motivate the employee towards the business objectives of the organisation (Steadman, 2011). Fiona must also follow the work-life balance, so the equal workload is distributed among the employees. The performance balance shall also be followed as reward act one of the best motivators for the employees.


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