Music test 4

1. Who composed Blue in Green with Miles Davis:

Bill Evans

2. The drummer in the Bill Evans Trio:

Paul Motian

3. Kind of Blue was a landmark jazz album for several reasons; specifically, it was the first jazz album to make extensive use of a new style of jazz, known as:


4. Regarded as one of the most innovative drummers in jazz history, he was a member of the classic Coltrane quartet:

Elvin Jones

5. In addition to his principal instrument, what other instrument did Coltrane play, which had not been popular since the big band era:

A) alto saxophone
B) baritone saxophone
C) tenor saxophone
D) trumpet
E) soprano saxophone

6. Imaginative and intuitive bass player; a member of the classic Coltrane quartet; he had a large tone, and he was an excellent time keeper:

Jimmy Garrison

7. In the following piece, who is the soloist from 2:19-7:01?

A) McCoy Tyner
B) Bill Evans
C) Tommy Flanagan
D) John Coltrane
E) Horace silver

8. Phenomenal, imaginative and influential drummer, he was only 18 when Miles Davis hired him in 1963; he was a member of the rhythm section of the Miles Davis Quintet of 1965-68:

Tony Williams

9. A virtuoso hard bop trumpeter, he played on Maiden Voyage and One Finger Snap:

Freddie Hubbard

10. A virtuoso on alto saxophone, flute, and bass clarinet, he was identified with the avant-garde; his "free" improvisations often included erratic screeching amid wild torrents of notes:

Eric Dolphy

11. Virtuoso avant-garde pianist; he was leader of an ensemble (or unit) with unusual instrumentation; one of his pieces, which was performed by the ensemble, is Enter Evening:

Cecil Taylor

12. Composed, arranged, and performed by pianist Cecil Taylor, this piece was recorded live at the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland in 1974:

Jitney #2

13. In the following piece, who is the soloist from 4:04 to 4:53?

A) Herbie Hancock
B) Wayne Shorter
C) Tommy Flanagan
D) Bill Evans
E) Horace Silver

14. Pianist-composer and principal collaborator with Pat Metheny:

Lyle Mays

15. Pianist-composer, he collaborated with Miles Davis on the album Bitches Brew before becoming a founding member of the fusion group Weather Report:

Joe Zawinul

16. Who composed Steps - What Was:

Chick Corea

17. Tenor saxophonist in the mid-sixties Miles Davis quintet, he was also a founding member of Weather Report:

Wayne Shorter

18. In the following piece, who is the soloist from 0:30 to 3:27?

A) Herbie Hancock
B) Bill Evans
C) Joe Zawinul
D) Chick Corea
E) Cecil Taylor

19. In the following piece, how many musicians are performing?

A) none
B) one
C) two
D) three

20. In the following piece, who is the electric bass player?

A) Jaco Pastorius
B) Stanley Clarke
C) Paul Chambers
D) Gary Peacock
E) Ron Carter

21. In the following piece, who is the soloist from 3:26-5:16?

A) Cannonball Adderley
B) Sonny Rollins
C) Wayne Shorter
D) Stan Getz
E) John Coltrane

22. In the following piece, who is playing tenor saxophone?

A) Ornette Coleman
B) John Coltrane
C) Albert Ayler
D) Wayne Shorter
E) Don Cherry

23. In the following piece, who is the soloist from 3:47-5:50?

A) Cannonball Adderley
B) Ornette Coleman
C) Miles Davis
D) Paul Desmond
E) John Coltrane

24. In the following piece, who is playing trumpet?

A) Don Cherry
B) Lee Morgan
C) Miles Davis
D) Ornette Coleman
E) Freddie Hubbard

25. In the following piece, who is the soloist from 7:21-7:41?

A) Ron Carter
B) Paul Chambers
C) Curly Russell
D) Jimmy Garrison
E) John Coltrane

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