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Mwl101 Professional Insight Military Psychology Assessment Answer



I always wanted to be a potential employer of my workplace and this report is aimed to analyze my strengths and weakness in the said case through the video and online profile. The action plan as stated is to measure the 12 month working module through the needed skills. In addition, the report also features the level of teamwork of me and my group through the activities of support and feedback sharing that helped the assignment to work better.

The report has the following parts –

  • A  yearly action plan
  • The Deakin Talent online profile
  • A minute long video to Myme

Action Plan

According to my weaknesses identified in the GAP analysis shown in Appendix 4, I have evaluated my action plan which is in the table below –

I have tried to develop my communication skills as it is really important in the modern work. I have also learnt about my time management skills which has helped me to make sure about the less amount of work experience that I had. The skills have helped me to know more about the work and also helped me to achieve my goals and assignment. Technology is also important in this case. Mohit even asked me to elaborate on the work and achieve my targets.





1. Improvement in the skills related to communication

· Public speaking opportunities enabled club joining

· Reviewing my future assignment through the writing mentors

· Frequent queries in the class for better understanding

· Joining the program of mentorship

- July 2018

- May 2018

- April 2018

- August 2018

· Application of the mentorship program  for the following trimester

· Self contribution towards the weekly class

· Expecting better assessment program in the end of the tremester

· Doing public presentation (club)

2. Experience gain in accounting

· As a volunteer

· Engaging in internship program

· Workshop and conference attendance

· Joining online community

- June 2018

- November 2018

- September 2018

- January 2019

· One of the brochures

· Certificate at the time of completion

· Member of the community

3. Improvement in the aspect of  time management

4. Gain more IT knowledge related to accounting

· Scheduling work and sticking to it

· Avoiding bad distractions

· Setting up of boundaries

· Small course conduction

· Study of related materials

- April 2018

- April 2018

- May 2018

- February 2019

- December 2018

· Reviewing of the schedule

· Better management of time

· Meeting of the boundaries

· Course completion

· Telling people about the reading

Online profile

There are a number of benefits of having an official social media profile that will help the person to make social professional contact, according to Australian Institute of Business (2015).

  • Building and developing relationships with the influential people in the professional world
  • Sharing and developing skills with the recruitment agencies
  • Developing knowledge and merits in the influential aspects

According to the Australian School of Business (2015), the building and fostering of relationship has a number of benefits like the development of contact with the present and future employer that will enable me to have contact and relationship bond affecting my career in a positive ways.

Building up an online portal and profile have a number of benefits like building up of relationship and job online that is prevalent among 94% of the job-seekers. The online profile help to make sure that there are better aspects of the job and make sure that the employee has better opportunities in finding the job in the relevant field.

The betterment of the knowledge is influential as it helps to make sure that there are better chances of the learning and developing the knowledge and skills in the required field. The articles and blogs of the concerned field help to make sure that every knowledge related the industry of experience has been there in the reading and also to make sure that the professional career choice is increased. According to the Australian Institute of Business (2015), the learning has helped me to determine my skills and to make sure that if I have insight into the Accountant.

According to the information of Deakin Worldly (2018),  the video that will be done in the Me will have the following benefit for me –

  • Reflection of the skills related to the experience that I have
  • Self reflections on personal skills
  • Differentiating the differences in the competitive market
  • Affirmative impressions on the prospective employees
  • The profile compliment in the Deakin Talent

I had great experience in the creation of the video though I had slight nervousness in making it. Several retakes were needed though each time I was better at the take and improved my communication skills which I had previously had. The communication skills improved which helped me to talk in an open manner. My organizing power improved with insights of the detailed analysis. The video helped me to make myself better.

My team gave me the required feedbacks that helped me to better myself. The profile created on Deakin Talent mentioned in Appendix 1 helped me to make the changes that helped to better myself in the branding. I included a profile photo that also helped me to make my identity better and have better identity among the people. The unpaid work experience proved my zeal and passion for the work.

Team work Analysis

I had a very pleasant experience with my team mate as we were able to understand each other and was aware of the requirements of the task assigned to us. We used to discuss every detail mentioned in the plan and also share information. The team made us comfortable regarding of the deadlines and requirements of the assignment and also resolved every issue that we had. Providing feedbacks was also very useful (Totterdill, Dhondt and Boermans 2016). However, over thinking was our problem which resulted in delays in completion of the tasks. The other problem we had was to leave work till the last minute which made delays in the completion. Small errors made the work problematic which is being discussed in Assessment 3. Focus and discipline was must for me (Castanheira et al. 2016)

I did implement my tasks as a team member and the implementer personality says a lot about the feedback that I needed to provide to the team. The ways to improve my work is to provide feedbacks to the team through various elements of action plan and other task related cases. The attendance of meeting is also there (Körner et al. 2016).


I had amazing experience in conduction of the assignment as I have evolved and developed myself as a more career oriented person as it has helped me to make my goals more prominent. I am now aware of the fact that that I am more aware of the requirements and I am nearing my goals in the prolonged period. I have identified all my weaknesses and made the action plans according to that. Online profile has helped me to develop the learning and also have better engagement to more knowledge and skills. I am working more effectively and in a better way. I am a professional worker with team spirit which has helped me to make sure about my knowledge.

Reference List

Castanheira, F., Chambel, M.J., Lopes, S. and Oliveira-Cruz, F., 2016. Relational job characteristics and work engagement: Mediation by prosocial motivation. Military Psychology, 28(4), pp.226-240.

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Official Blog - Australian Institute of Business. (2015). The Benefits of Professional Social Media, AIB Official Blog. Available at: [Accessed 2 May 2018].

Totterdill, P., Dhondt, S. and Boermans, S., 2016. Your guide to workplace innovation. European Workplace Innovation Network.


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