N001 : Coaching And Mentoring Assessment Answer


What is coaching?

It has been demonstrated by Hawkins (2006), that there are various definitions coaching that has been put forward by the leading specialists in that field. He described the term coaching as:

1.it is an organised process and a collaborative process in which the coach aims at facilitating the improvement  of the performance of the work. The coach aims at self-directed learning and they concentrate on the personal growth of the student. They concentrate on the structured and result-oriented process. It is a cooperative approach (Grant 2000).

2.Coaching is the process that unlocks the potential of the student. Coaching helps the students to learn and not just teaching them. It is assumed that the learners already have some knowledge and therefor the coach can help them to learn and not teaching them (Whitmore 1996).

3.Coaching enables the learner to learn and helps them to develop their skill. The stress is laid on the improvement of the performance.

What is mentoring?

According to Rogers (2004), mentoring is the process of guiding someone. A mentor is a partner in the similar organization who is not in a line management relationship with the mentee. The mentor is sometimes known as the person who guides the career. He is known as the support in the organization who can act as a guarantor or benefactor. In this field there is a belief that the experiences and the older mentor is considered to be cleverer in the practice of mentoring. They will be able to pass on their advice and they can therefore act as a supporter. The mentors usually are seen to give the political advice. They have the power to open the doors and offer good opportunities, for example, introductions to the stakeholders that develops the opportunities of the career of a mentee. The mentors are considered to be the role models and the guide. Rivera (2014), argues that the job of the mentors is to help the mentee to realise the special quality that the mentee has.

Differences between coaching and mentoring

Hawkins (2006), comments that there is a huge difference between coaching and mentoring. He identifies two basic points related to this. The first point of difference between the two is that both the processes have a chance of exploring the same area but they have a different edge of orientation. Coaching is related to the present issues relate to work. While considering this the coach have to reconnoitre some basic information related to the behaviour of the learner. This might include the pattern of behaviour of the learner that have to bear on the present challenges. It is a matter of fact that the coach needs to examine whether the learner is able to handle the hard situations inside the workplace. The other point of difference is presented by Hall and Duval (2005). Hawkins argue that the usually it is assumed in the process of coaching that the coaches work with healthy people who are ready to take up challenges and who are ready to ready to accept the criticisms. His point of argument consists of the fact that the therapists work with the people who belong to a place of crisis therefore any kind of change is hard for them to manage. It is rather painful for them to adopt the change. It is made clear by, Roger (2004), that in case someone have a tenacious issue of self-esteem, if he is suffering from anxiety and depression. If he is further experiences the grief that remains unresolved and a dysfunctional behaviour in such case the person does not require coaching but he requires counselling.



The process of coaching objects to develop the potential of the learner. The coach concentrates on the development and the ways that can enhance the performance of the learner. The aim of the coach is to improve the specific current issues that are work related. This can include the change that might occur in the career.

In this the focus of the mentor is on the development of the mentee in the professional field. This might include managing the transitions that might occur in the developmental stages of the career. It includes a wider view of the person. The mentor have the power to open the doors for new opportunities and scopes.

The coach and the client are considered to work in partnership and they are colleagues. It is important to note that it is not important for the coach to have a direct experience of the role of their clients.

In this it is important for a mentor to have enough experience. He is supposed to have more experience than the learner itself. They are supposed to share the same with the person who is not experienced.

Coaching is a non-directive process. However it is not considered to be necessary.

Mentoring is considered to be a directive method that includes the sharing of the experiences and the mentors offers advice to the learner.

Coaching does not address the issues that are related to the psychological imbalance. There are many psychological problems that are faced by many individuals but they are dealt by counsellors and not the coaches.

It is same even in the case of the mentors.

The ratio of the speaking of the coach is approximately 20:80.

On the other hand the ratio of speaking of the mentor or the mentee is approximately 40:60.

What are the responsibilities of a coach or mentor?

The roles of mentoring falls under two categories, one is the psychological factors and the other is the career related factors. The psychological roles are related to the personal aspects while the career aspect deals with all the career related concepts. It is related to the advancement made in the career goals. It stimulates the function that stimulate the career advancement for the mentee (Kram 1985). There are some examples of the same:

  • This includes the communication of the formal as well as the informal realities that are related to the development in any institution.
  • It includes a clear meaning of different paths of career like the medical paths, research path, administrative path or the educational paths.
  • This includes the recommendation of the advanced plans for an appropriate direction of career.
  • This includes reconsidering the developmental plans of the mentees and a regular check of the same is kept.
  • The mentor assists the mentee to identify the obstacles that are often found in the path of success. The mentees are taught to tackle those obstacles and take effective actions to eradicate those.
  • It includes the intervention on behalf of the mentee and it further includes the representation of their concerns to the higher authorities in case of special issues.
  • The mentor helps the mentee to clarify the long-term as well as the short-term goals that can lead them towards the path of development.
  • The mentor encourages the independent behaviour of the mentee but at the same time prepares the mentee to work without the mentor.
Reflection on the effectiveness of my role as a coach or a mentor:

I had a great experience as a mentor in Post 16 Education. It was a rewarding experience for me. It was a two way learning process where I not only had to teach my mentees but I received valuable inputs from them as well (Brockbank 2006). This developed the sense of confidence in them. It helped them to identify their skills and personal ability and therefore they were able to develop them easily (Wisker et al. 2008). It was observed by Furlongs Maynard (1995), that mentoring is a resource of approval to another individual so that they can achieve something adeptly. It was stated by Egan (1990), that if the mentoring is not effective, the visible communication, paying keen attention and making the issues simple are not done properly. It is asserted by Boreen et al (2000), that a mentor should be able to design the learning method at a personal level. It is important for the mentors to understand the mentality of the mentees so that he might be able to improve the gaps that lies in the mentees. It is required for the mentors to confidentially assign concerns and practices.

From my perceptive I believe that it is important to select the correct mentor so that there can be good working relationship that would help a mentor to connect with the mentee and vice-versa.

It is necessary for the mentors to deal the mentees sensitively. This is the reason they need to be mentally sound so that they can devote time and effort to constructively assist another individual (Shea 1995).  

The concept of mentorship can be related to the concept of mentoring, networking and training Boreen, Niday and Johnson (2003).

Task 2:

Three strategies and resources used in helping the student and state coaching:

It is a matter of fact that a team that is effectively managed is like a complete machine that is well-oiled. In cases where the employees are on the same page and they are equipped to meet their goals and targets, a company pays the attention to improve the chances of constructing the customer-loyalty, this might include the out-shining the competition and increasing the bottom line. When a company have the employees who lack skills of leadership they can be compared to the cars with misfiring gaskets. Lack of leadership increases the failure of achieving objectives of any kind inside the organization.

Building a report of resources with the 10 employee-coaching tools will help an individual to be the most effective manager.

  1. Know your student

A good mechanic always knows the positive as well as the negative sides of his engine. In the same way a good manager must know each every aspect of the members of his team. The mangers must make concrete efforts to know the members of his team. He should be aware of the strengths and the weaknesses of the team members. It is important to take not of the facts that motivates the members and what the challenges that they have to face. This can be done with the formal personality test. Each of the team members are expected to make a self-evaluation of the test. They are supposed to use their results in order to ensure whether each employee is used in the most effective way or not.

2.foster transparency:

Transparency in the team helps the employees to build trust and efficiency in the team. It helps the employees to build a healthy relationship inside the organization. The culture of communication inside the company is made better if a transparency is maintained. The transparency with the mentee can be asked by asking the following questions:

  • How open am I to others and how do I allow others to know me?
  • Did I clearly mentioned my team about my values and motivations?
  • Am I clear and consistent in the way I make my choices and decisions?
  • Do I ever infirm my mentee when I commit some mistake or when I discover my faults in my own knowledge base?

3.collaborations is key

The humans are generally competitive by their nature. There is competition in all the fields and the human’s needs to go through all kinds of competition in order to sustain in the world. The competition is in the field of education, sports, and events and in other fields of career goals. The second nature of this is competing within the office setting. A culture will be able to foster within the team inside the workplace by encouraging collaboration and recognizing the achievements of the group rather than individual accomplishments.

4.create clear objectives and goals:

It is impossible to clearly define the objectives and goals virtually without a strategic planning. Once a team is gathered an individual is required to start with the goals of big-picture. The members should be encouraged to think big and they should be taught to keep big goals. This is the best time to shift the attention from the dedication of the team to individual strength. This is the time when the commitment from the team can be expected. After the larger goals are identified a time line should be developed for the same that might include milestones and benchmarks that helps in measuring the progress of the team.

Why those strategies were used?

In the field of education that is in the case of school teaching those strategies are used to raise the quality of the teaching and learning process and enrich the culture that include:

  • Teaching in itself is public and it focuses on the study of the professionals.
  • It includes the thorough planning for instructions and it digs deeply into the content.
  • It includes the plan of improving the students.

It basically involves two people, the teacher of a classroom and the coach. The work of the coach is to work one-on-one with teachers in their classrooms, providing guidance and training.

They work together in order to focus on the practical strategies in order to encourage the students to improve their learning. There are three agencies under it:

  1. Schools welfare team
  2. Head teacher’
  3. Health and safety executives

The reasons for working with these agencies:

  • To identify the barriers or limitations
  • To identify the need of referral
  • To provide specific support that is available for the accuracy of language and literacy.
  • To provide the opportunity for the development of the numeracy skills.
  • To develop an action plan based on the strengths and the needs of the learners.
  • To facilitate actions to specialist support services for children and for young people that face barriers to learning.
Task 3:
Reflection on my coaching or mentoring role:

Identification of my own strengths and the areas that I feel needs improvement to help myself in a future one-to-one role with

  • The basic mentoring skill is the active learning. The mentor should listen to the mentees.
  • The encouraging responses should be made in order to make it appear genuine.
  • I generally use the techniques like looking directly into the eyes of the mentees, nodding my head, frowning or even smiling.
  • I don’t interrupt my mentees while they are talking.
  • I always show interest in the things they say.
  • I summarize the issues faced by the mentees.
  • I try to find immediate solutions to the problems.
  • I first listen carefully and then I react. I try to make the mentees to be a good listener and then solve the problems accordingly.
Area where I require help:

Building trust

Trust forms the base of all relations. It is same even in the case of a mentor and a mentee. I should be such that my mentees might be able to trust me. In order to become trustable, I must:

  • Keep confidences that are shared by the mentors as well as the mentees.
  • The mentees and the mentor should spend appropriate time together.
  • I should follow the promises made by me.
  • I should respect the boundaries that is created between a mentor and a mentee.
  • I should correct my errors.
  • I should be kind enough to state the reasons of being wrong to the mentees.

Five (5) point action plan to help improve my own skills in relation to one-to-one teaching and learning situations (mentoring, coaching, and tutoring).

  • I should build a positive attitude towards my mentee.
  • I should choose the relationship with the mentee carefully.
  • A mentoring contract should be designed and it should be maintained.
  • The relationship of mentor and mentee should be maintained.
  • One should be a good listener than a good speaker.


The difference between coaching and mentoring creates a great amount of confusion in the field of education. The companies because of this gets confused between their job of coaching and mentoring. The companies fail to understand their actual purpose and this is the reason they serve different paths of teaching and development. The coaches and the mentors are usually blamed by the students because of this. They fail to understand that the educational institutes itself has created a system that is wrong and undesirable. The educational establishments itself fail to understand the stark differences between coaching and mentoring which cause harm to the receiver of the institutions.


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