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Nbs8074 Global Perspectives On Hrm: Assessment Answer


International organisation’s growth strategies have a great influence over human resource management with regards to decisions and mergers for entering into new markets. To compete with international market share, such organisations enters new marketplace while adopting diversified culture along with overcoming many hurdles. Human resource (HR) practices have always demonstrated an effective way through which organisation’s practices can be tailored according to host countries society, laws and culture. However, recently challenges related to HRM have been seen increasing in international business which has become a matter of concern by many organisations. These challenges have even impacted my personal perspective towards HR practices of international organisations. Exploring challenges that can be met by HR practitioners within next 10 years has become significant for me so that I can get an insight about future demands regarding HRM. Since my career development in HRM depends highly on HR practices in international organisations, meeting professionally with uncertain challenges becomes more important. If future challenges are not considered before handed, it can even slow down my career development in upcoming years.

According to a recent survey, one of the HRM challenges that might be faced by HR’s over next 10 years can be due to demographic changes across developing and developed countries (Economist Intelligence Unit Limited, 2018). These challenges put pressure on both the private sector as well as the government to initiate and employ innovative solutions. Rapidly changing populations as well as people with diverse cultures have predicted global force in which people in future have to undertake temporary or part time jobs. International organisation on the other hand has to adapt new variety of employees that can be accessed according to their skill and requirement. This challenge have bothered me the most as it shows future risk related to work permanency that can even hold back my self-esteem.

Ageing population is a challenge that will continue to bring impact on organisation’s in future years in which experienced employees will have to depart the work force leaving a leadership annulled. Due to this challenge, people will have to work despite recognising workplace challenges to earn for domestic needs and other social requirements. Due to impermanency in work, benefits and pensions might become an obsolete strategy for employees which are also a matter of consideration (Bradley, 2018). The role of HR will demand making incentive structures in such a manner that keeps fewer commitments with older employees. Along with it, being a HR practitioner, making access to new skill along with training old employees will require adopting technological approach that may make existing employees feel less comfortable than younger ones.

From past few years technology and communication processes such as mails, mobile phones and internet have not only facilitated close contacts with distant clients but also allowed international companies forming cross border teams. In simpler words, technology has enabled expansion of international businesses that a company seeks. Enhanced ICT infrastructure and increase in its usage will certainly expand the availability of talent for HR managers and recruiters (Chambers, 2013). Challenges that lie here are competition in labour market where many potential workers might participate. Among them, few may possess adequate technical knowledge while others may lack them. Being a HR practitioner it will become necessary to engage government along with community colleagues and other universities for giving training to existing as well as new employees according to technological changes. For an efficient HRM in international organisation, managers will have to prioritise outcomes rather that productivity only for which cultivating performance measures needs to be refurbished on regular basis (Kapoor, n.d.). This future challenge have infested in me the need of learning new technological methods along with various HR models of managing and communicating  with co workers.

Managing remote and cross border teams also seems to be a n increasing challenge within next 10 years for which HRM’s and international organisations are presently learning methods to deal with them (Bisk, 2018).  A survey showed that one third of virtual teams are not managed properly as many practical obstacles are experienced while running a virtual team. Time factor is one example in which international companies employees have to faces challenges in maintaining suitable work time for communicating with each other in operating countries. Without face to face communication, human interaction becomes less smooth and social bonding also becomes very difficult. Here the role of HR becomes very significant as they are entitled to integrate each department of organisation to bring efficiency in work places. HR challenges can be predicted while managing global teams. They have to be more involved in admitting and preparing for disruptive incidents like miscommunications and recognising fraudsters with expertise (Wyman, 2016).

With regards to supply chain, HR may have to face challenges as natural disasters and increasing global environment may hamper supply chain distribution systems of companies. For this, HR practitioners will have to become more attuned with corporate social responsibilities especially in international organisations. With increasing numbers in global suppliers, subcontractors and distributors, HR managers needs to anticipate and understand the types of risks that could bring impact in the organisational operations and company’s image (Sierra-Cedar, Inc, 2015).

In summary, the above essay reflects the biggest challenges that can be faced by international organisations with regards to HRM in future years. The study shows the need of predicting future challenges so that the challenges can be undertaken with ease. The above future challenges have inspired me undertaking further research on challenges faced by human resource management in 21st century. The challenges related to demographic, ageing, managing global teams, affects of environment along with technological challenges have been identified by me that can bring impact upon my career development. They can ruin my morale along with reducing work productivity in future for which I need to prepare myself for future in advanced behaviour. The domestic’s needs and common requirements along with other benefits are required by employees and after analysing the future challenges in HR practices, they seems to become difficult in attaining. If these benefits are not recognised, it is probable that I will have to keep on educating about latest trends along with present work to be in alignment with others.


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