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The paper is having study about network performance analysis process and its process. The study is supported by several journal and books writers. On the other hand, there is a discussion about different technology and technical tools used for this process. The study is also having in depth discussion about limitation of network performance analysis process. And future scope of network performance analysis process.

1. Introduction

The study is having in depth analysis of network performance process and its benefits. Network performance analysis helps experts to know about the performance of network, which they are working. Apart from this, it also helps in monitoring and tuning process of the network. In context to this Bonald & Feuillet (2011) stated, every server or workstation is based on some or the other network. And analysis of it is network and workstation and server is very important. On the other hand, network analysis is done by setting the baseline at installation time. As stated by Malecki (2012), every process is having some limitation and benefits. The main benefit of network analysis process discussed in this study is, it help in evaluating the network status. On the other hand Marshall (2010) stated, network performance is measured for packet switching network and circuit switching network. Apart from this, network performance is done for each and every type of network or server. As commented by Masudur (2013), every network design and working nature is different, so they performance analysis is also different. The tools used for analyzing each network are different. Some of the commonly used network analysis tools discussed in this study is as, Pandora FMS, PRTG network monitor freeware, splunk, ntopng and others.

2. Literature Review

As mentioned by Nelson & Rebelo (2009), network analysis process is done by using the predefined steps for it.  On the other hand, the network performance analysis is done after analyzing different servers, for example, client server. As mentioned by Masudur (2013), the performance of the network is done by using the following hierarchy, which is as,

Figure 1: Hierarchy of network performance analysis or monitoring system

In context to this Sakellari (2011) stated, any system or server is dependent on system’s memory availability, processor speed, disk usage and support and others. The network analysis process is dependent on dependent on these factors. Apart from this, while network analysis process hardware and software support system are also checked. As mentioned by Patel (2015), some of the commonly used network hardware components are routers, switches. In addition to this, network hardware components are network adapter, hubs and others. While the network performance analysis processes these components analysis is done. It helps in knowing about the support system of the network and their efficiency. In context to this Nelson & Rebelo (2009) stated, network performance and working is based on various components. Apart from this, some of the common network performance problem are related to operating system support, usage of hard disk, firewall and filters. As mentioned by Sakellari (2011), network is based on both hardware and software support. For example, the simple networking is based on nodes or connection with other support system. So the main problem which is based in networking is routing. For example,

Figure 2: Network routing sample

In context to this Sun et al. (2013) stated, network users are having their own specific resources location. And network systems are having autonomous nodes. It help experts to protect network process. On the other hand, network baseline or network performance standard, help experts to analyze the network. As mentioned by Vilches & Dujovne (2014), performance of network is based on different factors, which are as –

  • Network Latency –

For example, if sender and receiver are communicating using any network. Then the decoding process delay can cause disturbance in network. Apart from this, delay in communication can delay the processing time. So network performance analysis is very important to avoid the delay.  

  • Network error rate –

Network error rate help expert to know about number of corrupted file. These corrupted file interrupt the network and communication network.

  • Network bandwidth –

As mentioned by Wang et al. (2013), it help experts to know about total bits involved in network transfer. Apart from this, it also help in estimating the total duration of any communication network.

  • Network throughput –

In context to this   Vilches & Dujovne (2014) stated, network throughput is actual rate in which data is transferred over any network. And, network performance analysis help, in completing the communication or transfer in estimated time.

  • Network Jitter –

Network jitter can disturb the network process or working. Apart from this, jitter can occur at time of sending and receiving information.

As mentioned by Sakellari (2011), network standard help in estimating the performance of network. Apart from this, network standard help in improving the network performance.  Network performance analysis is done by using specific defined tools. Some of the commonly used tools for measuring performance are Nagios, Fiddler, Pandora FMS and others. These tools help in monitoring the network and its performance level. In context to this Wang et al. (2013) commented, network performance should be monitored in a regular period. It helps in identifying the errors and fault exact location. As commented by Patel (2015), network location is known to their users, so analysis process is easily. In support of this Sakellari (2011) further mentioned that, performance analysis can be easily done, if benchmarking is done. That is, level of performance is decided, then experts can analyze the performance of any network.

3. Discussion

 In context to this Wang et al. (2013) stated, performance analysis is based on several tools and metrics. Some of the network performance analysis process metrics are as –

  • Network services
  • Network system and network

As mentioned by Patel (2015), network performance metrics help in analyzing the loss or error in packets while network communication. In addition to this, they also help in analyzing network jitter, delay, capacity of channel. And utilization of channel and packets and effectiveness. In addition to this Nelson & Rebelo (2009) commented, network performance can be analyzed by bits and packets transferred.

Figure 3: Bits and packets based network performance analysis

3.1 Limitation of network performance analysis

As mentioned by Marshall (2010), network performance analysis is totally based on technology, that is, it can only be done by using different software’s and hardware’s. The working of network is also based on technology and their analysis is also based on technology. If experts are unaware about the technology uses, then they cannot measure performance. In context to this Malecki (2012) stated, every process is based on technology and their tools. So, network user should be aware of these tools. As it will help in measuring the performance of network. In addition to this Nelson & Rebelo (2009) mentioned, performance measuring of network is based on network standards. So, network standards and baselines should be strong and constant.

4. Future scope/Study

As mentioned by Masudur (2013), as the technology will upgrade, network performance analysis process will also be upgraded. Network performance analysis process is completely based on technology and technical tools. So with the boom in technology, performance measuring tools will also be changed.

5. Conclusion

Network performance help in measuring the quality of network based services. And the analysis process help in determining the fault or error in network process. This analysis process also help in analyzing the standards. That is, the standard decided by experts in initial stage can be used to analyze the process. On the other hand, performance analysis is based on technology and technical tools. For example, Pandora FMS, Splunk and others. These tools help network experts to analyze network performance. And they also help in monitoring the network based processes. Apart from this, network performance tools also help in gathering the data or information. These information can further be used for deciding the network standards and baselines.


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