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Ola Bola Full Movie Analysis Assessment Answer



Ola bola is an uplifting fictional tale by Chiu Keng Guan, in which the glory of multicultural footballer was casted. The glorious days of entire Malaysia was also presented in a very beautiful way. This movie is inspired by the true events and the story of the movie is also original and real (Hassan, Abdullah, and Salleh, 2015).

Ola bola is a story that was set in the year 1980s when there was chaos and confusions in the economy. There was an unlikely footballer team who were facing a disagreement. This disagreement had left them behind many embarrassing losses. The team was slowly falling apart and there were many types of personal issues that have caused the players under the pressure. The only option left with them was to leave the international glory. It was the multicultural team, who had to unite the nation and remove the individual’s odds for the sake of entire country’s unity. Instead of all above, there were many other barriers faced by the team. Such test that broke the fighting spirit and hopes of not only the team but also the entire nation. The aspirations of the country were also getting wasted (Mohd. Mokhtar-Ritchie, 2011).

Success of the film
“You will believe again”.

This is the simple and most powerful tagline of the movie Ola bola. It is a movie that helps the Malaysians to re build the sense of glory, pride, hopes. In this movie the common goal is to unite the Malaysia and the football team of Malaysia that was qualified for the 1980 games of Olympics. It was the time when the Malaysia was facing the darkest time of its economy. The political climate was also not very fine. The motive of the film is to bring is patriotic feeling among the nation (Mohd. Mydin, 2009).

Few lessons that we can learn from Ola bola are-

  • From this movie we can learn to never give up on our dreams
  • We learn that we can learn a lot for our past and then create a better tomorrow
  • To become successful, the first priority should be to bring local pride that has the power to beat the international allure.
  • The fourth lesson is that if you want to be succeed then there is no better option than hard work
  • Team work is the best work if it is achieved through effectiveness and togetherness
  • It is very relevant to experience failure before succeeding.
  • The last and the most important lesson that we can learn from this movie Ola bola is that we should believe in the impossible.

Reviews of the Film Ola bola

Ola bola is a sports movie that is pure and simple. According to some Malaysians, it was the most boring movie. The title of the movie is also very dramatic and does not matching the story of the movie. Some people of Malaysia felt depressed after watching this movie because they believe in fictional Malaysia. They think that it is Malaysia how it should be and not how it is.

Some people said that it is the best movie because it provides those hopes and aspirations.  It is a movie that is not Malaysian movie but it is a movie for Malaysia itself. The movie also carried some beautiful words and lines that touched the soul of the people of Malaysia. For example- “We win as one, we lose as one.” the songs of Ola bola is very heart touching and carries patriotic feeling in them. Hence, they are liked by many people of Malaysia (Hashim, and Mahpuz, 2011).


Description Content Analysis Method

The methods used under this study are through theoretical framework in which the theory is provided on the film Ola bola. The entire analysis is done though reviewing the each and every scene of the movie that is related to the multiculturalism. The film makers had used many types of tools, actors, dialogues to reveal the aspect of the movie. The researches had used their own understanding s, personal readings and experiences in the movie.

Narrative analysis is also done on this movie in which the narrator or writer has used his own understandings, perceptions, learning, experiences, etc. in the movie. It helps to convey the views to the audience. In his study, mainly the data is collected and analyzed through primary sources that were conducted by the researchers and writers of Ola bola.

The movie has many cognitive and motivational dimensions that touched the hearts of people of Malaysia. There is a deep link between the data and information. There is a particular method to write the correct information regarding the current study. There is a requirement of proper planning so that the exact information can be provided to the readers. In this study, many books, articles and sourcing have done to collect the relevant data and information about the movie Ola bola. The data is collected from many types of primary and secondary sources so that no information related to the movie will left untouched. The first stage is to evaluate the information collected and select all the relevant data that can relate to the study. The second step is to select only those points that can be inserted in the study. After that, the collected data is organized in a way that is can be easily accessed by the readers. At last, the recommendations and conclusion is provided (Hafeez, 2012).

Procedure of Content Analysis

There are many types of procedures used by researcher to analyze the content. In this study the narrative analysis is used to analyze the data and information. It is the most suitable procedure of data and content analysis. As it conveys the correct meaning to the audience. In narrative analysis, the narratives are termed as the experience of the participants that is presented for the audience in a format of storytelling. It helps in better understanding of the study, in which the real story is narrated in a very easy procedure (McKibbin, 2016).

There is a requirement of proper planning so that the exact information can be provided to the readers. In this study, many books, articles and sourcing have done to collect the relevant data and information about the movie Ola bola. Narrative analysis is the easiest way to convey the message to a big audience a sit focus on the goals and objectives lies in it. The interpretation of the narrative analysis is very attractive as people fine it interesting and easy to understand (Malaysiakini, 2016).

In this study too, the researchers had used this method to make the audience informed about the circumstances taking place in the country and its economy. It is a way through which the audience come close to the facts and figures showed to them. It helps to convey the views to the audience. In his study, mainly the data is collected and analyzed through primary sources that were conducted by the researchers and writers of Ola bola (Finas, 2016).  

This types of analysis helps in tracing a special place in the minds and hearts of the people. Under this study, the main motive of the researchers is to give an idea to the people of the Malaysia about the events taking place n the same (Aziz, 2014).

Structuralist – Analysis Method

It is a type of film theory to judge the content and the narrative of the film like Ola bola. The theory of the film gives a surety about the content used in the film. In this theory, the theoretical analysis of the film has also taken place that gives an idea about the instrumental and poetic element that is used in the Ola bola. It also provides the modes of the reception to the learners. the structuralist theory has a great impact on the lifeline, aesthetic position and political position of the film or story writer. It is a very different type of writing as it falls under the niche category (Abdullah, 2015).

Despite of all the differences, there are some similarities in the film writing that is philosophy of the film and the criticism of the film or movie. As we know that the film making is very subjective and creative in nature. It helps to explain the films in an easy way. This theory is the most updated and current theory used by the researchers. It uses various types of codes, convections, connections to describe all the things that come in the movie. It is a type of approach than justifies the movie on the basis of its code of conduct, convections, and then conveys the meaning of the movie to the audience. The structuralist theory uses various types of assumptions and the factors related to the movie. In this study, the structuralist theory is used by the narrator to define the Ola bola in an easy way (Abdullah, 2014).

Broadly, if we understand the structuralist theory than it is a way to approach to the activities performed in the movie and to examine them in terms of relations and the positions of the individual in the particular relationships (Aaron, 2007).


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