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Organization Development Plan Answers | Assessment Answer



Brief upon Developing Organization Development Plan

A development plan of organization states a plan is incomplete without goals as it leads the company to its future development. It helps in identification of gaps by making the base stronger for its effective growth. It is important to formulate strategy by forming a plan by defining the objectives and goals by finding the right resources for its growth. With this strategic business plan is important by following a systematic process for workplace in Australia. For this plan the best part is its strategic components that act as the map guiding as per direction (Bennis, 2005). This has to be achieved by having clarity in making plans for the organization. In strategic planning three components are involved vision, mission and objectives. In simple terms organization development is a systematic process for performing the task with working on the objectives.

This development is a collaborative approach for developing the performance by providing the opportunity to human to showcase their talent. The development of organization plan is based upon strategy formulation by working on the priorities. The plan developed has to be in align with organization goal and objectives and the employees should also be conveyed the same. The resources should be allocated effectively by making an optimum use of it so that the outcome is positive (Jackson, 2006). The development plan should be based on the direction and momentum by employing the right use of human resources. This has to be in link with organization goals and objectives by leveraging the benefits efficiently. The organization in Australia has to serve the objectives through strategic planning by consulting with the stakeholders and external parties before implementing the plan.

With this vision and mission statement has to be incorporated so that it can be understood where the company wants to take itself in future. The standards have to be set for management and staffs in workplace in Australia so that they abide by the plan. The plan has to be emphasized up on performing critical task by organizing themselves for being effective at the same time (Kondalkar, 2009). So, it is important conduct business through business planning process in both external and internal factors. In Australia the workplace has to formulate road map by tracking and monitoring the progress of companies for viewing that the outcome set is achieved or not. 

Discuss Activities for Organization Development for Its Implementation

The activity that is required in any workplace is generating information by fulfilling the objectives. The activities are underpinning consultative process with the stakeholders as the development will impact them too. The process should be accurate and in consultation with person who can provide accurate information. For maximum participation in workplace in Australia should be careful on consultation process. This includes timely process by communicating the strategy as one size does not fit all (McLean, 2006). This is not the only solution as teams is made is for formal approach as in workplace in Australia it is formed to fulfill the goals set. Each organization should follow the principle of sharing by working and cooperating by working on team effort. The activities underpinning for teams are role play, workshops, team building sessions, programs, one to one talk, sensitivity training, mentoring and time engagement for effective orientation.

Similarly, problems may arise in teams that need to be solved effectively as in workplace in Australia. The facilitate teams have to implement the skills effectively by taking the right decision for solving it. The different steps including are confronting the situation by working on it logically by analyzing, defining and review the problem (Bennis, 2005). If a solution is not working for the workplace there must be some alternative solution that has to be in line with objectives. With this the objectives set has to be evaluated and implementing the solution as per the plan framed. Thus, the teams have to work in collaboration by working in joint effort for the common purpose in workplace in Australia. This will only be possible when the team members would interact with each other for successful collaboration.

But, teamwork means working in jointly so members have to be flexible by working together by sharing the opinions. Each member of the team should listen to each other and working on underlying assumptions by reaching a level of consensus for being successful. For its successful implementation it is crucial to follow the goals and objectives so that it is achieved (Jackson, 2006). Sometimes while working in teams conflicts arise so it needs to be addressed. This is possible with the help of intervention approach that includes feedback, training, termination, redesigning job, succession planning etc. The workplace in Australia has to undertake various activities by depending on the need of intervention.                  

Formulate Survey Model On The Basis of Objective with Identification of Loss of Support through Activities and Organization Development Program   


The image above reflects that employees in Australian organization have two environments- internal and external. Internal environment consists of consistency and involvement with the external focus upon mission and adaptability. For instance Woolworth a retail company its mission is to provide a right experience to shopping to each customer by delivering it rightly every time. The objectives of Woolworth are satisfying the customers by serving 18m customers on their choices by providing them loyalty and rewards. This is done by learning, acting and listening to customers for making changes. Another important is innovation in store by sticking the meat according to Meat Standards Australia (MSA) and formulating sushi theatre in supermarket near the customer (Woolworthslimited, 2016).

The loss of support is used in organization development by undertaking the surveys with the help of employees, customers and clients and stakeholders. The questions in survey can be both open and close ended by checking the value through tabulation and validating. For managing online surveys in the program Survey Monkey can be used and the basis of qualification is predetermined already. The groups have to be effective by taking input from stakeholder by maintaining budget and time. The information collected through survey is involving the activities of team building, role play, training sessions, workshops, validating through result etc. Hence, Woolworth retail workplace helps in organization development plan by undertaking the different activities.

The objective has to be met effectively by collecting usable information by planning, allocating budget and time efficiently (Kondalkar, 2009). The activities undertaken for organization development plan have to be communicated to the employees. The program has to develop according to the plan framed by working as per the survey model.               

Maintaining Program for Organizational Development Ways

For maintaining organization development plan surveys have to be undertaken by using validating and using it for effectiveness. The format of the survey for Australian company has to work on telephone, face to face, meetings, online, focus group etc. The participants in the process should not be affected for this employee and calculating the budget. When a workplace conducts this with focus group by taking interviewer expenses but, this could be costly. With this meetings have to be conducted by taking it regularly with the feedback after each meeting (McLean, 2006). This is possible with communication plan by addressing the areas as communication act as an important driver. Each stakeholder in workplace in Australia has different stake by reporting as per their schedule by determining the frequency and types of information generated.

When a plan is made various stakeholders are covered inside the project for communicating the requirement, inputting and receiving feedback, information has to be collected in what format  and type, project stakeholders and medium used for distributing the information to stakeholders. But in Australian organization some constraints play hindrance like time management as it is feasible only with planning and scheduling the resources. The stakeholders are lacking time and communication with of the process when formulating the plan (Massarik, 2005). The plan has to be in aligning with the communication process of workplace by managing the expectations with present perceptions. To maintain the organization development process it is based upon project that fosters team meetings, review, post project review, presentations periodically with marinating regular meetings through workshops, websites, multimedia, staff meetings, E-Mail communication, telephone calls, intranet and internet etc.

The meeting conducted in Australian workplace is through communication networks by using verbal, oral, written, formal, social media, task teams, vertical etc. The most important being feedback that have to be taken regularly for working on the effectiveness for developing communication for organizational development plan. This technique is useful in workplace with stakeholders as it of three types- direct, informal and formal (Anderson, 2010). Direct is generated through contact directly from face to face, informal is through mouth conversations and formal is via letter, online mode and E-Mail. 


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