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Personal Development Plan (PDP) focuses on the activities that enhance personal knowledge and identity, boost talent and potential, improvise on human capital and employability, enhance quality of life and reflect towards the realization of perceptions and aspirations (Ellwood 2011). The main aim of the report is to create personal development plan for myself , which I will put my effort to focus on the areas where I need to give enough effort to achieve the objective oriented outcomes in a successful manner. The Personal Development Plan will give an overview of the planning and concentrate on the various ways of achieving these goals (Eisele et al. 2013). I will further evaluate my strengths and weakness of the management skills. The Personal Development Plan will comply with the QAA standards for maintaining a quality standard within the development Plan. I will also implement SMART Goals and Objectives to improve my personal skills and abilities in an effective manner.

Personal Development Planning

Personal Development plan comprise of a set of activities that enhances the ability of an individual to have a significant impact on the personal and development skills. The concepts of personal development are not limited to self-development, but include application of formal and informal activities or developing the ability of others as well. When the personal development takes place in terms of institutions, it reflects on the tools, programs, techniques and assessment systems that will support personal development at an individual level in the institution ( According to me, self-awareness and sense of direction are the major advantages of PDP that might benefit the students in the university in an effective manner.

Personal development starts with self-awareness and you need to know about the values, wish and the purpose one needs to peruse (Grainger 2014). Upon identification of self-awareness, I will get a clear view of the things I want to achieve in my life. Enhanced focus and effectiveness of motivation will get my job done in an easier manner within a stipulated duration. Personal development plan also makes person resilient, as he will face many obstacles in his way in the mere future (Beausaert et al. 2013). Personal Development plan also helps a individual form a better relationship with others and take clear judgments regarding their choice of the individual to interact with.

Personal Goals

In order to improve the quality and standard of progress in the university, I will outline Smart goals for enhancing my skill sets in an effective manner. Smart Goals will enhance the likelihood of my success towards my desired target and aspirations. Application of Smart Goals will give a concrete shape to my personal development plan, which will benefit me in the mere future.


Short TermTry to implement the plan and enhance self awareness amongst my colleagues of the university

Medium Term-  Objectives towards the achievement of a specific direction and focus on the effective of motivation to achieve the personal development and management skills 

Long Term-  Implementation of PDP for gaining resilience so that I can overcome the obstacles coming in the mere future


The scale, change, structure and purpose of learning provision will change the grade of UK education in university and respond to the necessary changes for safeguarding UK higher education. Constant evaluation of skills and focus on application of learning tools to meet the requirements of short, medium and Long Term Objectives.


Formulation of orientation classes, brainstorming sessions and training sessions by the higher management will enhance y personal development and management skills. Mitigation with influential clients and top management for financial assistance will allow my university to achieve the desired objective oriented outcomes.


The Personal Development Plan will put on the students and public interest at the centre of everything that we will do. The plan will incorporate quality assurance and maintain all the regulatory standards for safeguarding my personal interests and that of my colleagues

Time Bound

Short term  3 -4 Months

Medium Term 4-6 months

Long Term 1- 2 years

Table 1: Smart Goals

(Source: Jensen 2013)

Upon identification of the personal, I have implemented different methods of measuring progress in the personal development plan. I have emphasized on tracking of daily, weekly and monthly progress, but will also do annual review for achieving the long-term objectives of in an effective manner. I will track the daily goals with the Seinfeld method and weekly progress with Show and Tell.  The progress will mainly emphasize on maintaining the UK quality code for higher education ( It will also keep a check of the academic requirements and concerns in the university. Communication skills, simplicity, positive thinking, commitment and accountability are the key areas of concern in relation to the progress.

The Seinfeld strategy will allow me to check off each day the completion of daily goals and by doing this very soon I will develop a chain of goals. The application of show and tell can easily be bought into effect by setting a group of my colleagues and friends and arrange meeting weekly to share the respective experience from the past week. I will conduct monthly personal review by conducting a 25-minute schedule where I will analyze my monthly progress in an effective manner.  In accordance to the long-term objectives, I will write a report on my progress in the calendar year and note down the experiments I have implemented. Thereafter I will focus on the personal changes I am looking for and make a critical analysis of the developments that have reflected on my personality and that of my colleagues in the university. I will jot down every step of my planning in my checklist and make full utilization of new media and social networking websites to celebrate my success of personal development plan. Upon identification of any plan as a long one, I will always change my game plan in an effective manner. If I keep a track of all the above-discussed proceedings, then I can easily measure my progress in a successful manner.

Development of Learning and Study Skills

During the tenure of my personal development plan, I Have realized that application of positive thinking would enhance my self-confidence and give me the power to accomplish everything that I have included in the master Plan. Staying positive throughout the learning process will allow me to achieve success in a proactive manner. I will conduct evidence- based external reviews of higher education officials and report the findings in a public manner.  Simplicity of my planning in personal development plan is a key way of avoiding overwhelm. I have planned to take one-step at a time in terms of learning.  While improving my study Skills, I always plan to be committed towards my job responsibility. I will also develop my communication skills though many brainstorming sessions and improve my ability and vocabulary though training sessions (Roberts 2014). I believe that the ideal way of showing commitment towards personal development is accountability. In the learning process, I will also get an overview regarding the maintenance of quality for the welfare of my university.

I have experienced quite a few strengths and weakness in my learning environment. One of the major strengths in the learning process was the application of technological skills and innovative ideas. The brainstorming sessions were helpful in nourishing my talents in a successful manner. I improved my communication skills and gained resilience to overcome the obstacle coming in the way (Smith 2014). The main strength of the learning environment was its ability to engage the students to develop a collaborative approach and perform as a team. The experiences shared in the orientation classes gave me an overview of being accustomed with quality improvement and fight against the obligations of educational environment in a successful manner.

There were few disadvantages in the learning environment as it lacked flexibility in their approach. Attendance was also one of the major issues as there was frequent absenteeism. However, different colleagues had different requirements yet one-size- fits all solution was given, which was ineffective. Instead of converting the weakness to strength, the learning session focused mainly on fixing the issues.

Development of management Skills

Development of management skills will allow me to induce me to manage situations in a manner so that it results into smooth functioning and operation of the university (Tucker, Duncan and Davis 2011). Patience, consideration and kindness are the salient features of success for proper management in an educational institution. I realized one needs to lead people in the right track for managing proceedings in a successful manner. One should not be over critical and aspect failures because it is the pillar of success. If you do not make mistakes, you cannot overcome the failure coming in your way. My management skills will allow others to learn and grow from the mistakes made in the past. I believe that one should always be open to creative thoughts and innovative applications. I also prefer being available to open discussions so that I can overcome the obstacles coming in the way. The management should seek deep insight on improve of the workplace in the university and allow individuals to express their desire freely.

I experienced quite a few strengths and weakness in my management skills. I always prefer rewarding and giving credit to my subordinates. I am not at all assertive in nature and communication skills are one of my major strengths in the work area. I take active participation in motivating my colleagues in order to produce desirable outcomes. One of my major weaknesses is my biasness towards favoritism. This often results in preferring an individual based on personal choice. I am too much tech-savvy in nature and sometimes this takes the better out of my management abilities. I am a bit stubborn and outspoken by nature, which can result in dissatisfaction of individuals. I have mastered out the art as far as delegation of responsibilities is concerned. I aim to exercise my managerial skills in away so that I can develop future managers (Zheng, Yuan and Chen 2015).


The management will take active participation in engaging the individuals of the university towards quality assurance and diverse approach for safeguarding the interest of my colleagues in the university.


Staying on the proper track will result in continuous improvement cycle , that guides towards individual motivation and attainment of Goals


The objectives related to management will be broken down into various action steps so that the perceived change in management is achievable.


The university will avoid setting unreasonable expectations and primarily focus on the areas that require changes and amendments.

Time Frame

The objectives of management will be fulfilled with 1- 2 years

Table 2: Smart Objectives for management skills

(Source: Beausaert, Segers and Gijselaers 2011)


On the contrary, it seeks deep insight on the QAA standards required for Graduate Employability in the university through implementation of the bench marks discussed above. Special impetus is given on the publishing and maintenance of UK quality Code for higher education. I always welcome people who show their interest towards voluntary participation for maintaining quality in maintenance of higher education. The management also seeks deep insight towards investigation of academic quality and standards. Continuous focus on conducting research and information sharing allows me to enhance the quality of the university. I give special impetus on providing training and events to enhance the process of quality assurance. Lastly, the university inculcates proper collaboration in accordance to governance, review and quality work for assuring a better prospectus for the graduates of the university.

Reference List

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