Pitstop WHSMS

Pitstop WHSMS

Brief Overview

Objectives of the WHSMS related to Pitstop

WHS plans

Occupational Safety Solutions management plans clearly document your management’s commitment to Work Health and Safety (WHS), asbestos, quality control and the environment, as well as project management procedures and reporting tools

WHS Policies and procedures;

A policy is a course or principle of action. Common features of good policy are it:

states matter of principle

has a focus on action, stating what is to be done and by who?

is an authoritative statement, made by a person or body with the power to do so?

A procedure sets out the steps to be followed for work activities.

responsibilities and accountabilities for WHS

Briefly outlining how WHS responsibility works in Pitstop


Organizational and legal requirement of Consultation for Pitstop

Health and Safety committee

Define HS committee, functions, roles and responsibilities for Pitstop

WHS risk management and procedures

Performance Measurement.

Develop performance management review systems in terms WHS.  Create Input basis and Outcome basis KPIs (3 each) to track the performance of management.

Ex. Actions for input and number of injury output.


Writing the system and procedure of WHS Staff Training of Pitstop

Monitoring and Supervision

Officers and supervisors must also monitor and supervise the safety performance of their workforce. Monitoring often includes risk and task assessments that are completed before work begins. Supervision ensures that workers are following their safety requirements.


The final element is reporting. Safety reporting occurs at every level of an organisation. Workers and managers need to report and rectify unsafe hazards and conditions whilst board members also have an obligation to remain aware of safety issues being experienced by the workforce.

Note: Your report must not exceed 2 pages nor exclude any of the aforementioned elements.

WHS Policy and Procedure




The term you write in your policy must be define so that readers understand.


Please ensure you have enlisted 6 Phenomenon (under column 1) and you have explained each of them following the first one created for you as an example. 



Person Responsible


1.       Hazard Assessment

a)       Developing Hazard identification checklist

b)      Identifying Hazard

c)       Communicating Hazard checklist

d)      Getting approval of checklist.

Operation Manager

3 weeks













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