Project Management Deliverable

Name:  Nathaniel McIntyre

Project Management Deliverable

  1. Scenario A Challenge: To receive credit, you must get at least 600/1000 points in each simulation
  2. Scenario A Questions
  1. What strategies did you attempt in managing your projects? What worked? What didn’t?
    1. We tried to stay under budget at first. While doing this, we ran into issue with team morale and staying on schedule. Focus on the budget was causing us risk missing the team morale goal and the release date schedule.
    2. We tried to use basic skill people, but there were many issues. We found that keeping a lower number of higher skilled people was more effective than keeping a higher number lower skilled employees.
    3. Allowing overtime helped to give people an adequate amount of overtime, but we found that encouraging overtime helped us to stay on schedule.
    4. We found that keeping meetings to a minimum allowed our team to spend more time on completing tasks.
  2. If your team fell behind schedule, what did you do?
    1. We would encourage overtime instead of just allowing it gave our team the time encourage to complete the tasks.
    2. Increasing the amount of outsourcing that helped to allow our team to focus on completing tasks.
    3. Another item we would do is bring in more skilled works and increase the number of employees working on the project.
  3. What kinds of meetings did you organize and why?
    1. When our team was feeling stressed, we would increase the amount of time that we spent on coaching. This was especially helpful if the team said they did not fell they had the required skills to complete the project. We always held the daily stand-up meeting. These meetings helped to prevent mistakes and subsequent reworking issues. We would hold the status meeting to help in coordination and with skill development. 
  4. How was your team productivity?
    1. We had a stable productivity throughout the project. Most of the time, we were ahead of schedule and or on schedule. We did not fall behind schedule while working on the project. The team members normally worked between 40 and 45 hours.
  5. Did you encounter many problems or need for rework?
    1. Our biggest issue was that we went over budget. We focused on getting a higher quality product than management required completed in the same amount of time. In subsequent runs, we focused on the budget more.
  6. Were your teams mostly stressed, happy, bored, or somewhere in between?
    1. Most of the time, our team was listed in good spirts. Toward the end of the project, they did get a little more stressed due to the deadline approaching. We minimized this stress due to us being ahead of management’s expectations.
  7. What seemed to be driving these factors? What made them worse or better?
    1. The two biggest items that helped us maintain productivity was maintaining highly skilled employees and outsourcing items to allow them more time to focus on their tasks.
  8. What are your general conclusions or insights about project management after running the simulation before the debrief?
    1. We found that maintaining all three levels at the same time was hard. We were able to produce a higher quality product on the same timeline, but the budget suffered. It was very important to maintain a highly skilled team and provide them the resources they needed to achieve their goal. It was important to pay attention to how the team felt and use the appropriate meeting type to have the most effective team as possible.
  1. Scenario B and Scenario C Challenge: To receive credit, you must get at least 600/1000 points in each simulation
  1. What was different about the project context in these scenarios?
    • In scenario b, you go through a time period in which you are unable to add people to your team due to staff members leaving the company. Scenario c, you time frame is shortened by 5 weeks due to a competitor releasing a printer sooner than expected.
  2. What happened to your teams’ and your own stress levels?
    • Both of the instances caused the stress level of each team to increase. Even though I stuck with a highly skilled team, they still suffered from stress. In scenario b, there was not much that could be done to there being a staffing shortage. My team basically had to deal with not being able to add any new members. I was able to outsource some tasks. In scenario c, I was able to overcome the shortened timeframe pretty easily by adding new people. However, I could not add too many people due to my staff getting bored.
  3. Having dealt with different project scenarios, how would you revise your project management advice for each condition (low uncertainty & high uncertainty)?
    • When dealing with the low uncertainty, it is important to maintain the scope of your project. Without a lot of uncertainty, it is easier to have a project to expand upon its original scope.
    • When dealing with high uncertainty, it is good to keep a highly skilled team available. Highly skilled people are more likely to be able to deal with the situations that appear. You can also increase the number of staff members on your team in some instances. Another option is to use prototyping to identify errors sooner and reduce the overall cost of the project.
  1. Project Management Reflection - Now that you understand the fundamentals of project management, apply the lessons you learned from this topic to a project in your life (current or in the past) by drawing a causal diagram of the situation (see causal diagram in slides as an example). This could be career, family, or friend oriented and what I am looking for is that you understand the levers through which you have direct control and how they influence things you can only indirectly control.



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