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A project management strategy is a model that the project directors enjoy for the outlining, arranging, usage and achievement of the project targets. The project management approaches have a vital part to play for actualizing the project s effectively that has been generally settled in areas such as the arranging and control of time, expense and in addition quality. Regardless of this, the inconsistency between the project and administration of project is not exactly exact. This paper expects to recognize the interrelation between the meaning of project and administration of projects by fundamentally dissecting the two of the few accessible project management techniques. It reflects on the variations involved in the two methodologies on the project and management of project along with the objectives, influences and expectations. In this study, critical analysis will be done on PRINCE2 and RAD (RAPID APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT) as the two of the most commonly used project management methodologies.

Critical Analysis PRINCE2 and RAD Project Management Methodology

PRINCE2 stays for activities in a Controlled Situation, it is described as a project administration program that shares a more noteworthy measure of the valuable, and cash related force with senior organization, not just the assignment manager. This framework has an accentuation on offering the task manager to direct some assistance with projecting for an affiliation's senior organization (Lianying, Jing and Xinxing, 2012). On the beneficial side, PRINCE2 gives a lone standard approach to manage the organization project s, which is the reason that various lawmaking body and overall affiliations incline toward this option. It is in like manner upheld in light of its convenience, which makes is definitely not hard to learn, despite for those with limited experience. On the disadvantage, there are customers who feel that PRINCE2 misses the noteworthiness of "sensitive capacities" that should be an inside for a project manager.

The PRINCE2 methodology project lifecycle comprises of various stages from initiation to closure.

Coordinating a Project - Planning a Project continues running from the start-up of the project until its decision.

Initiation of project - This is the first process in PRINCE2. The strategy expects the vicinity of a Project Order, which portrays in unusual state terms the clarification behind the project and what result is searched (Huemann, 2013).

Starting a Project - Agree paying little heed to whether there is sufficient legitimization to proceed with the project, Build up an unfaltering organization premise on which to proceed.

Managing Stage Limits - This technique gives the Project  Board key decision concentrates on whether to continue with the project  or not.

Controlling a Stage - The technique shapes the focal point of the Project Manager's effort on the project, being the system, which handles ordinary organization of the project (Frame, 2012).

Managing Item Conveyance - The objective of this system is to ensure that orchestrated things are ensured that work on things assigned to the gathering is enough endorsed and checking work packages.

Closure of the Project - The method covers the Project Manager's work to wrap up the task either at its end or at inconvenient close (Huemann, 2013). Most of the work is to get prepared information to the Project Board to procure its certification that the project may close.

PRINCE2 suggests three levels of arrangement as the diverse stages to mirror the necessities of the distinctive administration levels included in the project, organize and group. The various phases in context to this methodology are as designing of the plan, definition and analysis of the products, identification of the activities and dependencies. Moreover, the other phases comprise of preparing the estimates, preparing the schedule, risk analysis and the documentation of plan (Huemann, 2013).

PRINCE2 utilizes a method known as 'Item based arranging’, which requires four exercises like written work of the project item depiction, formation of the item breakdown structure (Indelicato, 2011). Notwithstanding it, the philosophy utilizes the composition of the item portrayals and the making of the item stream chart.

This strategy has different advantages, as it is appropriate to a project and gives an all inclusive vocabulary and approach. It likewise incorporates effectively with the business particular models and the item concentrate plainly characterizes what the project will convey and to which endorsed quality measures.

One of the real disadvantages of this technique is that it is not a complete response to project administration. In this system, certain themes or methods are either excluded or not secured extensively, for case authority and system arranging.

PRINCE2 is versatile, flexible and as much as a project framework can be, heartfelt. PRINCE2 can be associated with an extensive variety of undertakings, from the little to the colossal. In fact, even project s of only two or three days will benefit by particular utilization of PRINCE2 principles (Indelicato, 2012). The best approach to achievement with PRINCE2 is to recall that it is exceedingly configurable, in this manner can be balanced for all project sorts paying little personality to industry and business focus. PRINCE2 is planned to be joined generally to an extensive variety of project, be they advancement, building, IT, business, cash related or whatever. Some time recently, it has been away for IT foresees, along these lines it is still all around used as a part of the reach however there has been basic advancement starting late in distinctive business projects

RAD (Rapid Application Development) is the methodology that concentrates on creating items speedier with higher quality. Concerning gathering necessities, it uses the workshop method. Prototyping is used for getting clear necessities and re-use the item parts to enliven the change courses of occasions. In this framework, an extensive variety of inside correspondences is seen as easygoing (Kodukula, 2014). RAD concentrates to keep the assignment course of action redesigned, applies change rudiments, and directs threats to keep up a vital separation from disastrous challenges. 

A typical RAD project life cycle comprises of various stages starting from planning to transition.

Requirement Planning (RP) – This stage includes the foundation of a general comprehension of the issues identified with business that encase its advancement and possible operation.

User Design (UD) – In this stage, the investigation is done over the detailed business exercises related with the proposed framework region and in addition the improvement of the framework structure as far as the robotized alongside manual capacities that will involve the framework (Lee, Tommelein and Ballard, 2012).

Rapid Construction (RC) – The objectives of this stage incorporates the achievement of the point-by-point configuration of the proposed framework and era of a framework that executes at a worthy level of execution.

Transition (TR) – The last stage connected with this strategy comprises of introducing the framework underway operation with insignificant interruption of typical business action and amplifying the adequacy of the framework in supporting the proposed business exercises.

The phases involved in the management of projects according to RAD are almost symmetrical to the Project Lifecycle though the definitions change with every project.

Prerequisites arranging stage – In this stage the segments of structure organizing and structures examination times of the Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) are united. Customers, boss, and IT staff people analyze and agree on business needs, expand degree, restrictions, and system requirements.

Client plan stage – Amid this stage, customers correspond with systems examiners and make models and models that address all structure frames, inputs, and yields.

Development stage – This stage focuses on framework and application progression project like the SDLC. In RAD, customers continue taking an enthusiasm to introduce suggests changes or updates as genuine screens or reports are created.

Cutover stage – This stage takes after the last assignments in the SDLC execution stage, including data change, testing, changeover to the new structure, and preparing for customers (Levin, 2013).

RAD has numerous center components that make it a remarkable technique comprehensive of prototyping to administrative methodology.

Prototyping - A key part of RAD is the development of a model with the end goal of kicking off outline and flushing out client prerequisites. The goal is to manufacture a component light form of the completed item in as short a measure of time as could be expected under the circumstances, ideally days (Leybourne, Warburton and Kanabar, 2014).

Iterative Development - Iterative advancement implies making progressively utilitarian renditions of a framework in short improvement cycles. Every rendition is checked on with the customer to deliver necessities that sustain the following adaptation.

Time Boxing - Time boxing is the procedure of putting off elements to future application renditions with a specific end goal to finish the present variant in as short measure of time as could be expected under the circumstances. Strict time boxing is an imperative part of RAD, in light of the fact that without it scope downer can debilitate to extend improvement cycles, in this way restricting customer criticism, minimizing the advantages of iterative advancement, and possibly returning the procedure back to a waterfall strategy approach (Mir and Pinnington, 2014).

Members of Team - The RAD strategy prescribes the utilization of little groups that comprise of experienced, adaptable, and inspired individuals that can perform different parts (Turner, 2012). As the customer assumes a fundamental part in the improvement process, committed customer assets must be accessible amid the beginning Joint Application Development (JAD) sessions and Focus Group Sessions led toward the end of advancement cycles.

 Approach towards management - Active and included administration is basic to alleviate the dangers of stretched advancement cycles, customer false impressions, and missed due dates. Most importantly, administration must be strong and steady in their longing to utilize the Rapid Application Development methodology (Petit, 2012).

The RAD system is helpful as having clients cooperate with advancing models; the business usefulness from a RAD project can frequently be much higher than that accomplished by means of a waterfall model. It is known as the RAD methodology can center in from the key danger variables and adjust to them in view of exact proof gathered in the early part of the procedure (Indelicato, 2013).

Notwithstanding of the few preferences the RAD procedure additionally demands the danger of another methodology with respect to most IT shops; RAD was another methodology that required experienced experts to reevaluate the way they worked. This model for project management requires time of rare assets as all ways to deal with RAD have in like manner is that there is a great deal more connection all through the whole life-cycle in the middle of clients and engineers.

RAD is not suitable for all projects. The approach works best for activities where the extension is little or work can be separated into reasonable pieces. Thusly, extend groups should likewise be little; ideally two to six individuals, and the group must be involved with all advances that are to be utilized (Randolph, 2012).

Business targets should be all around characterized before the project can start, so extends that utilization RAD ought not to have an expansive or ineffectively characterized scope. Moreover, to keep the project inside of a brief span outline, choices must have the capacity to be made rapidly, so it basic that there is not many customer leaders, ideally one and only, and they should be unmistakably distinguished in advance (Tomanek and Juricek, 2015). Customer managers need to comprehend and consent to a RAD approach and in a perfect world ought to be willing to acknowledge an item that is less full highlighted and/or be willing to acknowledge higher advancement cost (because of the accentuation on buying reusable segments over building them) in return for expansions in pace.


The selection of most suitable project management methodology is an immense project to be performed but must be properly evaluated by the project managers for the success of the project. At the time of selecting an appropriate methodology for a specific project, several factors should be taken into consideration for the success of the project. Every project management strategy conveys its own qualities and shortcomings. In this way, there is no great or awful philosophy and what ought to be taken after is the most suitable one as per the project management necessities. To achieve the objectives and arranged results inside of the characterized plan and additionally spending plan, there is necessity for project management approach. Regardless of the field or exchange of the project, the procedures help the project managers at each phase of the project beginning from the start to the conclusion.


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