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Language development


Language development is one of the slowest process that starts during the early stages of birth. Language is one of the significant human invention that defines people one of the theories that is nativist linguistic theory explains that every human being is born with an innate ability of language.

It is only the language that boils down to set of symbols that represents sounds and grammar controlling the system, otherwise opposite to what one may believe, one doesn’t have to learn grammar by heart in order to know language.

Factors that affect language development

There are various factors that may affect language development to the young generation and there are also certain factors that can make their parents help them to understand the importance of language. One of these factors is;

Age: whenever a child is still in the growing process, he or she might find it very difficult to cope up with the language if they don’t find the correct language in which they can speak for a proper communication. This may also be explained as lack of good parenting.

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Student personality: Taking time convincing a student of his or her personality is one of the tasks that is very difficult in today’s era. Otherwise changing a student’s personality against something which may help is one other criterion that is best suitable for making a language positively valuable.

Teaching strategies: This factor best fits the positive and negative side of the motion. It will depend on which side a teacher takes to explain or to explore a language to a child to make it either positive or negative to the child. This depends on the ways in which the child has understood the language or rather the message that is spoken.

Learning environment: Where children learn is a very key sensitive area. An information can never be positive to a child who learns in a dirty place, where there is no good health and even where there is noise pollution. In this case the message relayed will never be the same as compared to the child who is learning in a cool environment and that where there is peace.

Motivation: children need to be motivated each time to make their destiny be close and real to them. Motivation makes children work so hard to realize their goals, dreams and targets at the end of every task that they are given. Motivation in this case also acts as a positive link in which a child learns more ideas.

Giving support at home: giving children support from their own homes really help them understand how things are handled, done and forwarded. It helps them to learn basic skills on how to do things without the guide of their parents and other personalities.

Prior language knowledge: this factor affects language development in both ways. When a child is not introduced to the language that he or she is suppose to speak at the moment when still young, they won’t know the language completely unlike when they are introduced to the language at an early stage of life. they get to understand what it takes to know how to speak and that they then cannot peak certain words which maybe unwanted in the homestead or community.


Language development can go as far as affecting certain parts of the brain. These areas which might be affected are those that are necessary for language processing. The following parts of the brain are the ones which maybe affected due to language development.

Broca’s area: This is an area in the brain located in the frontal lobe of the brain and it is linked to speech production. In the recent studies, it has also been identified that it plays as well a major role in the language comprehension. This section of the brain works hand in hand with the working memory that allows one to use verbal expression and other spoken words. This is therefore a critical area that can truly affect the language development in a human being.

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Wernicke’s area: this area is located in the cerebral cortex. It is the only part of the brain that is involved in understanding written and spoken language. Any damage to this area can result to receptive aphasia. This therefore integrates itself as a loss of comprehension.

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Angular gyrus and Auditory cortex: this part of the brain is located at the temporal lobe and is connected to the auditory system. Its function is to respond to the neighboring frequencies in the other cells of the cortex.

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In this link, language development is discussed in a broad way. For instance, language supports cognitive, social and even literacy development

It goes further to explain that language development begins with gestures then to words thereafter to a whole sentence. Reading books is a good way to learn language development.


this basically explains the main components of language:

Grammar: this is one of the components of a language which involves two parts; syntax part which rules which words are arranged in a sentence.

Semantics: this consists more of vocabulary and how much of the concepts are expressed through words.

Pragmatics: this only involves the effective communication and the rules for an appropriate communication skill.

Phonology: this involves the rules that surrounds the structure and the sequence of the speech that comes from the sounds.


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