SITXHRM001 Coach Others in Job Skills Assessment

Assessment overview

  • This Student Assessment Booklet includes all your tasks for assessment ofSITXHRM001 Coach others in job skills.

About your assessments

  • This unit requires that you complete 2 assessment tasks.You must complete all tasks to achieve competency for this unit.

Assessment Task

Assessment method


Assessment Task 1: Written questions

Questions and Answers

You must correctly answer all questions in this task to show that you understand the knowledge required of this unit/topic.

Assessment Task 2: Project


You must provide effective on-the-job coaching to four different colleagues. There are three parts to this task.

§  Part A:Prepare for coaching

§  Part B:Implement coaching sessions

§  Part C: Reflection

Assessment Task 1: Written Questions

Task summary

You must answer all questions below correctly.

Resources and equipment required to complete this task:

  • Access to textbooks and other learning materials
  • Access to a computer, printer, Internet and email software (if required)
  • Access to Microsoft Word (or a similar program).

When and where is this task to be completed?

  • This task may be done in your own time as homework or you may be given time to do this task in class (where applicable).
  • Your assessor will provide you with the due date for this assessment.

What happens if I get something wrong?

  • If your assessor marks any of your answers as incorrect, they will make arrangements with you about resubmission. Your assessor may ask you some questions verbally to check your understanding, or you may need to provide new written responses to the questions that were answered incorrectly. Your assessor will give you a due date by which this must be provided.

Student instructions for Task 1

  • This is an open book test – you can use your learning materials as reference.
  • You must answer all questions in this task correctly.
  • You must answer the questions by typing your answers in Microsoft Word or a similar program – your assessor will advise as to whether you must email them your completed assessment, submit the file on a USB drive or hand in a hard copy.If there are tables included in your task that you need to fill out, you may choose to recreate them in a word processing application. If you have been provided with an electronic version of this booklet, you may prefer to type your answers directly into the document.

Written answer question guidance

  • The following written questions may use a range of ‘instructional words’, such as ‘identify’ or ‘explain’. These words will guide you as to how you should answer the question. Some questions will also tell you how many answers you need to give – for example, ‘Describe three strategies…’.
  • Describe – when a question asks you to ‘describe’, you will need to state the most noticeable qualities or features. Generally, you are expected to write a response of two or three sentences in length.
  • Identify – when a question asks you to ‘identify’, you will need to briefly describe the required information. Generally, you are expected to write a response of two or three sentences in length.
  • List – when a question asks you to ‘list’, this means you will need to briefly state information in a list format, often with a specific number of items indicated.

Question 1

List threeindicators that may indicate that a work colleague needs coaching.

Question 2

Describe three performance issues or difficulties that could occur during coaching.

Question 3

Describe what is involved regarding the key principles of training listed below.







Listening to trainee explanation


Observing and evaluating trainee demonstration


Providing feedback


Question 4

James works as a chef in a busy Italian restaurant. They have just employed a new staff member, Amy, to assist in both front and back of house during their busiest service periods.

It is James’ responsibility to coach Amy during her first week on the job.

  1. What skills might James need to teach Amy? List three.
  2. What knowledge might James need to teach Amy? List three.
  3. Who should James report Amy’s progress to?

Question 5

  • Describe three tasks that must be done in a commercial kitchen and the procedures relevant to completing these tasks correctly.

Question 6

  • List three effective communication techniques used when training a colleague in the workplace.

Question 7

You work as the manager of Crave Catering.

One of the kitchen hands, Alex, has failed to comply with safe work practice in relation to the safe use of knives in the kitchen.

Alex has no formal kitchen/cooking qualifications and is careless when it comes to using the sharp knives. Yesterday he accidentally injured a co-worker with a knife. When spoken to about the incident, Alex was apologetic and asked for some training in safe knife handling practices.

Alex is Brazilian, and English is his second language. He has only been living in Australia for three months. He appears to be very shy and lacks confidence.

As the manager, it is your responsibility to organise and implement some on-the-job training for Alex.

  1. What type of coaching does Alex require?
  2. List three factors that may have impacted on Alex’s need for workplace coaching?
  3. List the three steps to take when preparing for the coaching.
  4. What strategies could be put in place to overcome the language barrier, to ensure that the workplace training is beneficial for Alex?
  5. Describe three strategies that you could use to build on Alex’s self-esteem and assist him to gain confidence in the kitchen.
  6. Identify one Workplace Health and Safety procedure and one Hygiene procedure that will need to be considered throughout the coaching.

Submission requirements for Task 1:

¨  Your answers to each question.

Assessment Task 2: Project

Task summary

For this task, you must provide effective on-the-job coaching to four different colleagues. There are threeparts to this task:

Part A: You must prepare for coaching and develop a coaching session outline.

Part B: You must implement coaching sessions.

Part C: You must follow up on coaching sessions, seek feedback, and report on the progress of coaching.

Resources and equipment required to complete this task:

  • Access to textbooks and other learning materials
  • Access to a computer, printer, Internet and email software (if required)
  • Access to Microsoft Word (or a similar program).
  • Four colleagues (can be role played by other students).
  • A workplace or simulated workplace environment.
  • Access to relevant Commercial Cookery resources and equipment.
  • Coaching session template (provided). Keep a master copy of this as you will need to complete four in total.
  • Trainee feedback form (provided). Keep a master copy of this as you will need to complete four in total.

When and where is this task to be completed?

  • Workplace based students will complete the task in their workplace. Dates and times will need to be negotiated between the student, the four colleagues and their workplace supervisor.
  • Classroom based students will complete this task during class time, in a simulated workplace environment. The assessor will provide students with the date and times that they will be meeting with their trainees (roles played by other students) and implementing the coaching sessions.

What happens if I get something wrong?

  • If your assessor identifies that you have completed any part of this task incorrectly and/or have not submitted all items required, you will be given feedback and a date for resubmission. Your assessor will provide you with guidance as to what needs to be resubmitted and how.

Student instructions for Task 2

  • For this task you must select four colleagues or other students to play the role of ‘trainees’.
  • You must meet with each trainee and identify one skill/area they wish to improve. For example, this may be operating equipment, learning a procedure, learning a new cooking method, improving precision cuts and so on. You are then required to develop a coaching session outline for each trainee.
  • Once you have developed your coaching session outlines you must implement each coaching session and report the progress of each trainee to you supervisor (assessor).
  • Finally, you will answer a series of questions, reflecting on each coaching session, and seek feedback from each trainee.

Task 2: Part A – Prepare for coaching

For this part of the task you must organise a time to meet with each of the four trainees individually.

Talk to each trainee to learn about their current skills and knowledge and identify areas in which they may need training. Use the following points to guide your discussion:

  • What is the need for coaching in this situation?
  • What does this person need to learn?
  • What are their current skills?
  • What is their current knowledge?

After each discussion, develop a coaching session outline for each of the trainees, using the template provided.  Your coaching session outline must include:

  • The trainee’s need for coaching.
  • A description of the task/skill that you will be teaching the trainee.
  • When and where the training will occur. (Each coaching session must be delivered to each trainee individually, at different times.)
  • Resources required for the coaching session.
  • Session start time and end time.
  • A task analysis – you must provide a breakdown of the steps that you will take to teach the trainee the new task/skill.

Submission requirements for Task 2, Part A:

¨  Four coaching session outlines – one for each trainee.

Coaching session outline

Trainee name:


Need for coaching:

Describe the skills or knowledge that the trainee would like to learn and why.

Skills/knowledge to be taught:

Describe the specific task or skill that you will be teaching the trainee.

Where the training will occur:


Resources required:

List all of the equipment and resources required for the coaching session.

Date of coaching session:


Session start time:


Task analysis:

Provide a breakdown of the steps to teach the student the task. 

Session end time:


Task 2: Part B – Implement coaching sessions

  • This part of the task requires you to implement each of your coaching sessions. Your assessor will observe you as you individually coach each of your four trainees.
  • Meet with each trainee in your specified training location. Make sure you have all the resources you need to ensure each session runs smoothly.
  • At the beginning of each coaching session you must:
  • explain the purpose of the coaching session to your trainee.
  • tell them about the workplace procedures relevant to the task (for example, if you are getting them to clean kitchen equipment, there would be procedures related to PPE, hazardous substances, food safety etc.).
  • During each coaching session you must follow the principles of training by doing the following:
  • giving the trainee a detailed description about what you will be showing them (explanation).
  • doing the task and telling them about the knowledge required (demonstration).
  • when you have finished the task, briefly describing/summarising again how you did it (reviewing).
  • asking the trainee to confirm their understanding of what they have to do, including asking any questions to clarify concerns (trainee explanation).
  • getting the trainee to demonstrate the task and watching how they do it.
  • when the trainee has finished the task, talking to them about what you observed – giving them constructive feedback and making sure you identify areas where they did well (feedback).
  • Once you have completed each coaching session you must:
  • watch the trainee do this task at least two more times.
  • give them some help if you see they are having difficulties.
  • report their progress to your supervisor (workplace-based students) or your assessor (classroom-based students).
  • Classroom based students will be observed completing each coaching session during class time, in a simulated workplace environment.
  • If you are completing your coaching sessions in a real workplace, your assessor will visit you in the workplace or you may provide video recorded footage of each of your coaching sessions. Discuss these options with your assessor, including appropriate recording devices and method of submission (USB, email etc.)

During each coaching session your assessor will be looking to see that you:

§  explain the purpose for coaching

§  demonstrate specific skills

§  apply techniques to establish a rapport with the trainee

§  show sensitivity to the trainee (for example, if they become frustrated or upset with the task they are doing, or keep making mistakes)

§  use appropriate communication techniques, including active listening and open questioning

§  provide the trainee with the opportunity to practice

§  provide constructive feedback

§  complete the coaching within the allocated timeframe

§  apply the key principles of learning.

Submission requirements for Task 2, Part B:

You do not need to submit anything for this task.

Task 2: Part C – Reflection 

  • Ask each of your trainees to fill out the feedback form (provided) after their coaching sessions.
  • After each training session, answer the following reflective questions:
    1. Do you think you allocated enough time to the session?
    2. Did you demonstrate the tasks properly?
    3. Do you think the trainee had difficulty understanding what you did and how you explained it? Explain why or why not.
    4. What made you realise the trainee was struggling?
    5. If you could not help the trainee with something, who would you call on for assistance?
    6. What did you get out of the trainee’s feedback? Is there anything you disagree with?
    7. What changes could you make if you had to coach someone else in the same tasks in the future?

Type your answers in a Microsoft Word document or similar and submit to your assessor, along with trainee feedback forms.

Submission requirements for Task 2, Part C:

¨  Your answers to the reflective questions, for each of the four coaching sessions.

¨  Trainee feedback forms (four in total).

Trainee feedback form

Briefly explain what your coaching session involved.

Tick the appropriate box below. Please add comments to provide further detail about your responses.





Did your coach describe the purpose of the session effectively?


Do you feel that what you learned was important to your job role?


Was your coach supportive and encouraging?


Were you comfortable with your coach?


Was your coach’s demonstration clear and easy to follow?


Did your coach give you enough time to ask questions?


Did your coach answer your questions adequately?


Was there enough time allocated in which to learn the task/s?


Did your coach monitor you while they did their own tasks?


Did your coach help you when you had difficulties?


Did you lose interest at any time during the session? If yes, why?


Did you feel anything was missing from the coaching session?


Any other comments:



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