Social Science Quiz 1

Question 1

When ethical relativism is put into practice, it implies that

Answer: we cannot say that slavery is wrong if the society in question believes it is right.

Question 2

Morality and self-interest

Answer: can sometimes conflict.

Question 3

Accepting a moral principle

Answer: generally involves a desire to follow that principle for its own sake.

Question 4

The famous experiments by social psychologist Solomon Asch show

Answer: even temporary groups can pressure people to conform.

Question 5

Which of the following is not one of the four basic kinds of law?

Answer: contractual law

Question 6

Our relationship with the law is best described by which of the following?

Answer: To a significant extent, law codifies a society's customs, norms, and moral values.

Question 7

How did Aristotle view morality?

Answer: It's necessary for us to try to be virtuous or excellent human beings.

Question 8

The following is a logical fact.

Answer: All sound arguments are valid arguments.

Question 9

When religion and morality are considered,

Answer: the moral instructions of the world's great religions are often general and imprecise.

Question 10

If an argument is valid, then

Answer: its conclusion must be true, if its premises are.

Question 11

Which of the following characteristics distinguishes moral standards from other sorts of standards?

Answer: moral standards take priority over other standards, including self-interest

Question 12

Which statement is true concerning moral principles and self interests?

Answer: Morality serves to restrain our purely self-interested desires so that we can all live together.

Question 13

The authors use the murder of Kitty Genovese to illustrate

Answer: bystander apathy.

Question 14

The divine command theory implies that

Answer: stealing is wrong only because God commands us not to steal.

Question 15

Choose the statement that is a true reflection of moral behavior.

Answer: Bystander apathy appears to result in part from diffusion of responsibility.

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