System Design Specification

ClubIT System Design Specification

System Design Specification

1. Management Summary

ClubIT hired me to take a look at their systems and come up with a better solution.  They are looking for a better information system that allows their employees to digitally clock in, tracks and updates inventory as it is ordered, to give their servers the ability to be more mobile, and have an ordering screen in the kitchen for the cooks to see. 

As of today, 13 November 2017, the system requirements and upgrades have been discussed with the managers and Ruben and Lisa have informed me of their decision.  Up until this point, no upgrades have been made.  The project cost is estimated at about $30,000.  The project will give Lisa and Ruben the ability to track and update inventory amounts immediately.  The inventory numbers will adjust as soon as the order has been finalized.  It will also update accordingly if an order is cancelled.  Implementation will come as items are being delivered.  The first item that will be implemented will be the secured wireless system that all of the hardware will use throughout the club.  The wireless system will also broadcast a guest signal for all of the patrons to use if they desire to do so.  The next highlight in the schedule will be getting the new systems online when they come in.  The new systems will be located in the manager’s office, the employee break room, and two workstations on the floor.  The final implementation will be when we have the tablets for the servers go live and linked with the ordering screen in the kitchen.

The issues that management might need to address will be any delays with the delivery/build of the computer systems and tablets.  Another issue that could arise is from the software that the company will be using to track/manage everything.  There could be glitches in the software that will need to be fixed as they pop up, and there may need to be some tweaking from the software developers to meet the needs of ClubIT.  The tweaking could take some time, depending on the requirements.

2. System Components

The interface for all components (work stations, iPads, and order screen in kitchen) will run off of the Apple Operating system.  This will allow seamless operation between all systems programs.  This will also allow all components to be linked to a wireless printer for any printing needs.  The TouchBistro package comes with daily data backup that is backed up to a cloud.  The network specifications require a 100mb internet connection speed and a router that produces the same speed wirelessly.

3. System Environment

One of the biggest conditions that must be met at all times is that everything is compatible with the Apple operating system.  This includes the software package that will be used to track the entire ordering process, payrolls, inventory, etc.  At no time will any software updates affect its compatibility.  The tablets must be able to support multiple programs at once.  The programs will include, a seating chart for the restaurant, ordering menu/software to place the customer’s order, and display it in the kitchen as soon as the ordering is complete.  The response time for all of this to take place must be less than two seconds with each click.  There needs to be a network attached storage that will download and back up all data every 24 hours at a minimum.

The entire system and network must be operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  There must be at least three tablets for the servers, even though only two will be used regularly.  This allows the club to be down a tablet, and still be able to function normally.

For hardware, the computer in the manager’s office must have at least a 1 terabyte hard drive, a wireless mouse and keyboard, and a wireless multifunctional printer that has the capability of printing, faxing, scanning, and making copies.  The 2 work stations out on the floor must be touch screen and have the ability to input all information from the screen, and have a 256 gigabyte hard drive for all software requirements and updates.  The screen in the kitchen must have a processor and a clicker so the cooks can remove the order from the screen as soon as it is completed.

All computers, tablets, and screens must be linked up together and work with one another.  The tablets must be able to talk to each other so the same table is not ordering twice from two different tablets.  It must be able to distinguish which server has what tables as they get assigned at the beginning of the shift.  All data must be sent wirelessly to the software.  The software database will be located on the manager’s computer.

For security purposes, the secure wireless network will be password protected, and will change weekly, or upon termination of an employee.  This will keep any unauthorized users out of the system.  Each user will log in with their own username and password.  Each employee will have access restrictions associated with their username to prevent them from accessing files or information they do not need to know.

4. Implementation Requirements

The initial data acquisition will be purchased through a company that best suits the needs of ClubIT.  Prior to purchasing the software, contact will be made with the company to make sure they are willing to tweak the software for the club’s needs.  After speaking with Ruben and Lisa, ClubIT has decided to go with TouchBistro.  TouchBistro has everything the managers are looking for and even some great tools that they did not think of before.  The cost is $2,988 annually, but it comes with 24/7 phone and email support, free integrated remote aid and daily data backups.  After speaking with the customer service representative with TouchBistro, they have agreed to modify the software package for ClubIT if they need it.  They have also agreed to do a teleconference for all employees so they can be trained.  Per the customer service representative, training will take approximately 21 hours for the servers and an additional 14 hours for the managers.  There is no software test plans since the company has hundreds of thousands of this software package being used in the market today.

5. Time and cost estimates

The wireless network is scheduled to be installed on December 1, 2017.  It should be completed in two days.  Day one will consist of the technician running and installing all necessary cables to the correct locations.  Day two will consist of the technician testing each line to make sure they are in working order and getting the speeds that ClubIT requires and each line is secure.  December 5, 2017, the managers work station, the servers work station, and the bar tenders work station should arrive.  It will take a day to get all of them connected to the wireless network, and the stationary work stations hard wired.  December 6, 2017, ClubIT is expecting a shipment of their three tablets, and will be pretty quick getting set up on the wireless network.  December 20, 2017 the ordering screen for the kitchen should be in, and the technician is scheduled to come out the following day to install it.  TouchBistro is scheduled to send out a representative on January 4, 2018 to come install their software onto all of the machines.  That is scheduled to take three days.  They will also be training all staff members on the machines, which is scheduled for five days.

The cost of the three iPads are $800 each.  The software from TouchBistro with the representative coming out will cost ClubIT $10,000 up front and $400 a month.  The order display for the kitchen will cost $1,000.  The wireless system that will be installed will cost $2,000 with installation included.  The manager’s computer will cost $1,500 to be built and shipped.  The servers and bar tenders work stations will cost a total of $2,300.  The grand total for the startup cost is approximately $19,200. 

The staffing requirements will not change from what is currently on hand at ClubIT.  Currently, they have two servers and two cooks, plus Ruben and Lisa. 


TouchBistro. (n.d.). Retrieved November 14, 2017, from 



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