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Part 1 of 5 - Part 1: Text Material

36.0 Points

Question 1 of 33

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What is the main reason offspring will belong to the same species as the parents?


A. They share the same environment.

B. They share the same food.

C. They share the same genes.

D. They share the same habitat.

Feedback: Great.


Question 2 of 33

3.0 Points

Which scientific name is written in the proper format?



Homo Sapiens


Homo sapiens


Homo sapiens


Homo Sapiens


Great job.


Question 3 of 33

3.0 Points

Which type of science seeks to expand knowledge regardless of the short-term application of that knowledge?


A. applied

B. basic

C. empirical

D. natural

Feedback: Great.


Question 4 of 33

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What is adaptation due to?


A. altering reproduction from single to multi-cell

B. a change in eating habits due to health issues

C. a consequence of evolution by natural selection

D. response to touching a thorn on a plant

Feedback: Great.


Question 5 of 33

3.0 Points

Which is a single cell that lacks membrane bound organelles?


A. Nucleolus

B. Eukaryote

C. Prokaryote

D. Ribosomes

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Question 6 of 33

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What is the correct order from highest level to lowest level of taxonomic hierarchy?


A. Genus, species, order, family

B. Order, family, genus, species

C. Family, order, genus, species

D. Species, genus, family, order

Feedback: Great.


Question 7 of 33

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What is the term for an organisms' ability to maintain constant internal conditions even when environmental conditions change?


A. Centered

B. Equilibrium

C. Equality

D. Homeostasis

Feedback: Great.


Question 8 of 33

3.0 Points

What process do scientists use as a way to perform research with defined steps that include experiments and careful observation?


A. The right hypothesis

B. A journal article

C. The scientific method

D. A clean lab bench

Feedback: Great job.


Question 9 of 33

3.0 Points

Which type of science seeks to use science to solver real-world problems?


A. natural

B. basic

C. empirical

D. applied

Feedback: Great.


Question 10 of 33

3.0 Points

What is the first step in the scientific process?


A. Hypothesis formation

B. Data collection

C. Observation

D. Prediction

Feedback: Great job.


Question 11 of 33

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What is an example of a response to stimuli in a living organism?


A. A bear hibernating in the winter

B. A bacteria taking up nutrients from the soil

C. A plant bending towards the sun

D. A fungi crawling away from a person

Feedback: Great.


Question 12 of 33

3.0 Points

Which statement would be a hypothesis using the scientific method?


A. If my sprinklers are not working, then my flowers will also die.

B. My grass is not growing.

C. I turn on my sprinklers.

D. There must be something wrong with my sprinkler.

E. Why isn’t my grass growing?

Feedback: Great job.


Part 2 of 5 - Part 1: Text Material - B

36.0 Points

Question 13 of 33

3.0 Points

What does the famous quote from Theodosius Dobzhansky “Nothing makes sense in biology except in the light of evolution”?


A. This quote means that the thermodynamic principles that govern light are important to how organisms have diversified over time.

B. This quote means that all other questions in biology are tied together by the diversification over time from a common ancestor.

C. This quote means that many questions about evolution are still being answered so we should seek to understand those first.

D. This quote means that since every species eventually goes extinct we must try to understand biology before this happens.

Feedback: Great job.


Question 14 of 33

3.0 Points

How did Darwin define evolution?


A. descent with modification

B. change in allele frequency over time

C. adaptation to climate

D. inheritance of acquired characteristics

Feedback: Great job.


Question 15 of 33

3.0 Points

Homologous structures:


A. evolve from a common ancestor.

B. result from divergent evolution.

C. occur in unrelated species.

D. are a result of the bottleneck effect.

Feedback: Great job.


Question 16 of 33

3.0 Points

What are the four evolutionary forces that would disrupt population Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium?


A. migration, mutation, genetic drift, and natural selection

B. sexual selection, natural selection, competition, and convergence

C. behavior, non-assortative mating, divergence, and equilibrium

D. photosynthesis, cellular respiration, behavior, and mutation

Feedback: Great job.


Question 17 of 33

3.0 Points

What is an example of gene flow?


A. In a population flowers that carry purple alleles are pollinated more often.

B. A new purple allele arises in the population by mutation.

C. Purple alleles are introduced into population by migration.

D. Purple alleles result in allopatric speciation.

Feedback: Great job.


Question 18 of 33

3.0 Points

A population of pocket mice has two coat colors: black and brown. There are more black mice on lava rocks where there are hawk predators. This is an example of:


A. Mutation

B. Genetic drift

C. Macroevolution

D. Natural selection

Feedback: Great job.


Question 19 of 33

3.0 Points

What is the change in a population’s allele frequency from one generation to the next that is due to chance known as?


A. mutation

B. natural selection

C. genetic drift

D. migration

Feedback: Great job.


Question 20 of 33

3.0 Points

Which statement best describes analogous structures?


A. cause increased mutation

B. occur in unrelated species

C. evolve from a common ancestor

D. result from divergent evolution

Feedback: Great job.


Question 21 of 33

3.0 Points

Which of the following is accurate about mutation?


A. Mutation causes gene flow between populations.

B. Mutation results from bottleneck events.

C. Mutation alone is a strong mechanism of evolution.

D. Mutation is the ultimate source of novel variation.

Feedback: Although there are many processes that can change allele frequencies in a population, only mutation can result in new variation. Read more in Chapter 11.


Question 22 of 33

3.0 Points

Which is an example of genetic drift?


A. Ten butterflies that are migrating get swept off course and start a new island population.

B. Finches with large beaks survive and reproduce more after a drought.

C. Snakes on an island that are unbanded survive better than banded snakes because they avoid predation.

D. A bee pollinates purple or yellow orchids dependent on the frequency of the flower color in the population.

Feedback: Great job.


Question 23 of 33

3.0 Points

What is one of the three principles that results in natural selection?


A. Individuals in a population have the same ability to survive and reproduce.

B. Resources are unlimited and arise from the endless supply of energy from the sun.

C. Characteristics are inherited from parent to offspring.

D. Inheritance of acquired characteristics creates a strong evolutionary force.

Feedback: Great job.


Question 24 of 33

3.0 Points

A classic scientific study showed that crayfish on one side of the isthmus of Panama were more closely related to other species on the other side of the isthmus than to each other. The most likely explanation for this result is:


A. dispersal

B. gene flow

C. mutation

D. vicariance

Feedback: The most likely explanation is that a several separation crayfish species were separated by the formation of the isthmus and the then separated populations diverged. Read more in Chapter 11.


Part 3 of 5 - Part 2: Lecture

12.0 Points

Question 25 of 33

3.0 Points

Biology is the study of life, as such it is focused on the things that are living or called what?


A. Auxiliary

B. Inorganic

C. Vital

D. Abiotic

E. Biotic

Feedback: Great job!


Question 26 of 33

3.0 Points

A molecular biologist notices something different in the genetic profile of an individual, performs careful research, and thinks he discovers a new gene responsible for high blood pressure in humans. The last step is an example of what part of the scientific method?


A. Question

B. Conclusion

C. Hypothesis

D. Experiment

E. Observation

Feedback: Great job.


Question 27 of 33

3.0 Points

Malaria acts as a natural selective agent so that people with what disorder have a survival advantage?


A. Cystic Fibrosis

B. Fragile X Syndrome

C. Sickle Cell Anemia

D. Hemophilia

E. Down Syndrome

F. Thalassemia

Feedback: Great job.


Question 28 of 33

3.0 Points

A plant physiologist notices a group of trees growing all in one direction, contrary to what she thinks should happen. This is an example of what part of the scientific method?


A. Experiment

B. Question

C. Conclusion

D. Hypothesis

E. Observation

Feedback: Great job.


Part 4 of 5 - Part 3: Lab

12.0 Points

Question 29 of 33

3.0 Points

Which scientist is responsible for determining that matter is neither created nor destroyed?


A. Charles Darwin

B. Gregor Mendel

C. Christian Doppler

D. Louis Agassiz

E. Antoine Lavoisier

Feedback: Correct! This scientist’s work led to the principle in chemistry called Law of Conservation of Mass.


Question 30 of 33

3.0 Points

Science relies on all of the following EXCEPT __________.


A. Logic

B. Data

C. Bias

D. Facts

E. Analysis

Feedback: Correct! The scientific method relies on fact-based, observable and objective measurements, data and interpretation. Review the various components of “science” from the Week 1 Lab ELF Lesson.


Question 31 of 33

3.0 Points

Which of the following should be avoided in the lab environment?


A. Pipetting by mouth

B. Using appropriate waste containers

C. Using a fume hood

D. Wearing closed-in shoes

E. Referring to the MSDS

Feedback: Correct! It is important to follow all lab safety rules to avoid accidents and injuries. .


Question 32 of 33

3.0 Points

Which of the following should be avoided in the lab environment?


A. Wearing clothes that cover shoulders and legs

B. Using caution and common sense

C. Using designated disposal areas for sharp tools

D. Drinking water or eating food

E. Washing hands after doing lab work

Feedback: Correct! Lab safety includes using proper protocol of dispensing materials, wearing proper lab attire to protect your skin and eyes, and avoiding the possible consumption of tainted food or drink.


Part 5 of 5 - Random draw from 180 - 1 Question 4 pts

4.0 Points

Question 33 of 33

4.0 Points

What is a good basic definition of biology?


A. The science that studies death.

B. The science that studies life.

C. The science that studies chemicals.

D. The science that studies art.

E. The science that studies rocks.

Feedback: Great.


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