Uniliver Limited

Uniliver Limited


The UK based company that is chosen in this report is Uniliver private limited. All the details of the company have been discussed in this report in detail. History of the company and how the company was created is discussed in this report. The company deals with various kinds of products. A particular product is chosen and there is information about that product in detail. The logo of Uniliver private limited is also explained. Various products are selected and there is discussion about prices of such products. The company operates at various places and screenshot of the places where it operates is attached. The type of promotion method that the company uses is also discussed in this report.

History of Uniliver and how it was created

Our company named Uniliver started with the name Lever Brothers and it first started producing soaps. By this product the company gained popularity and it became famous over the world. The reason behind the success of the product and our company was that it focused both on selling as well as on manufacturing. Other competitors also started producing the same products. There was tough competition in the market for our product. Our company then got the name of Uniliver private limited because of a merge. There was a merger between Lever Brothers and Margarine. Margarine was one of the biggest competitors of our company. Merges were not that popular at that time but it was possible because of the fact that the vision and goals of both the companies were same. In this way Uniliver private limited came into existence. Within years of formation the company started to face some major problems. The companies that provided our company with raw materials were reduced by 30% to 40%. To tackle this situation effective control system was bought in by our company. An internal cabinet was developed and special committee was created by the organisation to meet this situation. After meeting this situation the company started to grow. It started to expand its business. The products of our company were introduced to America. They started food and chemical manufacturing which was one of the major expansion strategies that was adopted by our company. We as a company wanted to build a good relationship between market research team and the sales that is happening. Expansion was not the only focus that the company had. We wanted to grow with prosperity. The company made two actuations which were the base on which our company did the expansion. The company sold many of its subsidiary business to focus on its main and core business. Because of this strategy the company was able to make a lot of collaborations and all these collaborations lead to a higher profit for the firm. With increasing time our company Uniliver limited became one of the most known and popular company in the world. It is well known in the sector of personal care and home care sector.


Product and logo

Our company Uniliver private limited is considered as the market leader in consumer products. It produces a wide range and variety of products. The company deals in over more than twenty consumer categories. The various categories that are dealt by the company include shampoos, tea, detergent, soaps. There are more than 700 million users of the products that are produced by the company in some countries. Uniliver private limited is considered as one of the most trusted brands by the customers. The company deals in various new launches only. It does not follow the view to run its old products only. The company produces and launches new products every year to increase its market share and revenue. There are various categories which are focused by our company. There are different categories under which the company produces goods and the goods that are produced under different categories are mentioned below.

Food brands – there are various food brand items that are produced by the company. One of the most famous food brands under the company is Knorr soups. It has gained a lot of popularity in the recent times. The company produces various products under food brands which include Kwality Walls, Magnum Ice cream, and many more.

Home care brands – the company wants to meet the needs of home care. It produces the basic products that are required in any home. It produces Cif cream cleaner, Domex disinfectant and toilet cleaner, sunlight detergent and colour care and many more. It even deals in various kinds of soaps and shampoos.

Personal care brands – our company has a wide variety of product under the personal care brand. In deodorant section axe perfumes are available. Even axe after shaving lotion is also available. The company produces Aviance beauty solutions. The company also produces Lakme products, dove products, ponds beauty care products, Vaseline petroleum products and many more.


Vaseline is one of the most important product brands under the Uniliver Company. It is widely known around the world and has great customer base. It is very popular among the people. This brand has various kinds of products under it. There is Vaseline petroleum jelly, body lotions, and other skin care items. The Vaseline petroleum jelly is the most popular product in contrast to other Vaseline products. People trust and widely consume the product of Vaseline.



The logo of the company can be considered as the commitment that the company wants to make. The logo of the company is very meaningful and it communicates important message through its logo. The aim behind the logo is to make the lives of people easier. The logo of Uniliver private limited represents the core value of the company and it reflects the various aspects of the business. It has a Big U in its logo. The Big Blue U stand for the company name that is Uniliver private limited. The logo of the company is not only a big blue U. It has various components in it that all together looks like a big blue U. There are twenty four items under the big blue U. Each of the twenty four item represents something or other about the company. It has various symbols in its logo like tea leave, shampoo, tooth brush, ice cream, etc. There is a meaning behind each and every symbol that is a part of the logo. The symbol spoon in the logo represents that the company will take the responsibility of meeting the nutrition requirements of the people. The packaging symbol represents that the company will always come up with innovation packaging that will attract the consumers.



There are a huge variety and type of products that are produced by Uniliver private limited. The prices of various products vary according to the requirement they meet. They have different strategies to meet the demand of people. Prices of the products are kept in such a way that it is reasonable for the consumer as well as the motive of the company is also met. They decide their marketing mix very nicely and pricing is also a part of marketing mix. The company follows various marketing mix strategies and pricing methods. Our company keeps pricing in such a way that the customers are not affected. It also considers the prices of the other companies before keeping the price of its own products. Competitor’s analysis of pricing is very important for any company because this is the basis on which a company can set price. If competitor’s price is ignored then there are chances that the company may face losses. The company also has some premium pricing policy. It has some premium products are prices of those products are a bit high the other products. Food brand products range from 2 dollars to five dollars. Home care products range from 3 to 7 dollars and in this way other products are also prices. There are a lot of products and pricing of all products is different.



The company is operating globally. It does not only operate in UK but it operates across the whole world. They have extensive reach in the whole world. Our company is well known for its customer goods in the entire world. There are various retail stores through which the company sell its products. The company has its own stores through which it sells its products. Our company is operating in large number of countries and is growing day by day. There are large numbers of stores of the company that are situated across the world. The primary distribution channel that is considered by the organisation is retailers. The products of our company can be found in any nearby stores. There are departmental stores that are run by our company where customer can find all the products which are related to the company and all the products which are produced by the company. Our company uses this strategy so that the product of the company reaches all possible places.


There is high level of competition in the market. The competition base of the company is very high. Our company uses strong promotion strategies to tackle the competition in the market. Good promotion strategy is used by the company so that customer base of the company becomes strong and more and more people become aware about the brand. Our company Uniliver private limited uses various methods of promotion. Our company uses advertisement as the primary source of promotion. It spends a huge amount of money on advertising its products. The customer becomes more aware about the company by seeing advertisements that is made by the company. Company uses print media as well television to advertise its products. Even bill boards are used by the company to advertise the products that are produced by the company. Our company also uses various other promotional methods like sales promotion, personal selling, direct marketing and public relations. Advertising is considered as the main and the primary source that is used by the company to promote its products. The competitors of Uniliver private limited also use advertisement as their basic means of promotion. This is the reason because of which the company focuses on advertisement. Advertisements are capable of passing the information to a large number of people at the same time. They have huge coverage which is one of the most important benefits that is derived by our company from the use of advertisement. Sales promotion is also used by the company effectively. The company provides the customers with various kinds of discounts and product bundles time to time. There are various occasions on which these deals are provided to the customers. Various products of the company are offered in bundle form by the company.



The logo of the organization can be considered as the dedication that the organization needs to make. The logo of the organization is extremely significant and it imparts significant message through its logo. It has different segments in it that all together resembles a major blue U. The purpose for the achievement of the item and our organization was that it centred both on selling just as on assembling. Extension was not by any means the only centre that the organization had. We needed to develop with flourishing. The different classes that are managed by the organization incorporate shampoos, tea, cleanser, cleansers. The organization delivers and dispatches new items consistently to build its piece of the pie and income. There are different classes which are engaged by our organization. The costs of different items fluctuate as per the prerequisite they meet. They have various systems to fulfil the need of individuals. The organization likewise has some excellent evaluating strategy. It has some exceptional items are costs of those items are somewhat high different items. Our organization utilizes commercial as the essential wellspring of advancement. It spends a tremendous measure of cash on promoting its items. The client turns out to be more mindful about the organization by observing ads that is made by the organization.


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