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What is Toxicology & Why is it important?

Toxicology is an umbrella term for the study of different substances that may have a malefic effect on living organisms; specifically humans. Toxic substances can destroy local ecology, disturb worldwide ecological systems and may even cost human life or may incur financial damage to governments. Toxicology helps us identify these substances and evaluate the risks associated with the synthetics and naturally occurring substances. Thus, a few people also refer to this science as the “Science of Safety, because it has evolved into a field that saves ecological systems, and human lives by continuously monitoring health and safety of our environment.

With modern-day Data analytics and Artificial Intelligence tools, Toxicology harnesses the power of supercomputers, modern science and mathematics to predict how potential chemicals from industry effluents, vehicular emissions or from naturally occurring sources could leach into our environments to possess a health hazard.

How Toxicology Is Affecting Global Policies?

As discussed earlier, Toxicology studies the effects of different synthetics and naturally occurring chemicals on human health. Thus, toxicologists and scientists also evaluate the risks that come with the introduction of synthetic substances into the natural environment. Thus these effluents, and waste products from numerous industries like agrochemical, pharmaceutical along with the human biological waste like human excretion can deposit in a site and give rise to man-imposed species of substances into the ecological environment.

Understanding how this substance would affect the environment and predicting the potential negative effects is how Toxicology affects global and environmental policies. Toxicologists along with bureaucrats frame policies that prevent events like these and issue stringent guidelines for waste management and handling. Studying the negative effects on the ecology due to these substances is a tedious process and may take years to study the individual effects of different waste material. To expedite the process, scientists instead monitor the ecological plant and animal life in the area by direct testing on animals and conducting rigorous vitro studies.

Applications of Toxicology in Forensic Sciences

Toxicology has found a number of applications in the field of Forensic Science. With the techniques of toxicology, one can detect if there was a possible overdose or poisoning via a substance behind the sudden death of an individual at the crime scene.

Investigating authorities can check both the victims and the suspects apprehended for the crime and check for any drugs that may have been administered to alter the consciousness or state of mind of the victim. For example, in rape cases, toxicology report of victims blood sample often report the presence of narcotic and disabling substances in the victim’s bloodstream. These drugs come under the classes of benzodiazepines, or Gamma-hydroxybutyrate. With techniques of toxicology, one can ascertain if any drugs that could impair cognitive abilities or consciousness of an individual administered or not.

Suspects that are arrested shortly after committing an alleged violent crime, are usually found to be under the influence of substances like cocaine, amphetamines and alcohol. These reports and facts significantly affect the legal repercussion of one’s actions. For example, drink and drive cases.

Applications of Toxicology in Drug Safety

Drugs that are widely available in the market for human consumption and management of numerous disorders and diseases have to first undergo rigorous human trials and testing before they are approved for use.

There are certain drugs in the market that can be administered without certain toxic effects at low doses but may become fatally toxic at a higher dose. For example, a drug like HydroxyChloroquine, that has been in the picture recently due to its potential prophylaxis use for preventing Covid-19 infections, can be toxic and have reportedly caused blindness, reduction in cognitive abilities and have also reportedly been responsible for the slow down of mental faculties after prolonged consumption in test subjects.


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