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Development is a lifelong process. Development studies provide an insight into the developmental procedures and their inter-twining relations from a multidisciplinary, social science point of view. Various topics are addressed in this study such as theories of development, poverty issues, globalisation, underdevelopment, etc. 

The relevance of the topic ‘growth and development’ for your development studies homework help USA.

Growth is the most fundamental aspect of a constant increase in the human organ’s size. Growth is an irreversible steady increase. Human growth is divided into infancy, childhood, juvenile, and adolescence. Whereas development means growth concerning function and potential.

 The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has constructed various human development indicators; these are the Human Development Index (HDI), Human Poverty Index (HPI), and Gender Empowerment measures (GEM). The most significant and widely used measure is HDI. 

Health, education, and living standard are the three parameters of the HDI for the attainment of development. At birth, life expectancy is taken as the key indicator for measuring the health parameter; adult literacy and their enrolment ratio are considered for the education, and GDP is taken into consideration for the standard of living. 

The value of HDI differs between 0 and 1. The United Nations Development Programme publishes an annual Human Development Report (HDR) report. It comprises the rank of each country based on the Human Development Index. The classification is done on the basis of:

HDI value of 1- 0.8 means, countries with high human development 

HDI value of 0.79- 0.5 means, countries with medium human development

And, HDI value of 0.49- 0 means, countries with low human development. 

Our development studies homework help USA by our professionals comprises explanations on various theories of development such as- 

Freud’s psychosexual stage theory

Sigmund Freud was a Viennese doctor who believed that a parent’s nature of dealing with a child’s sexual and aggressive behaviour plays an important aspect in determining the child’s personality. He described multiple stages of psychosexual stages, a child goes through, these are oral, anal, phallic, latency, and genital. 

Erikson’s psychosocial stage theory

Erikson took inspiration from Sigmund Freud’s work but in contrast with his work based on sexuality, he focused on the development of human identity. His theory related to the answering of the process of developing psychological and mental belief, and how humans learn to co-exist with a large community. It is also called a psychosocial theory. 

Piaget’s cognitive development stage theory

Jean Piaget was a Swiss psychologist, who proposed a cognitive development stage theory. She described in her theory that a child’s behaviour is deeply affected by his surroundings. Her theory comprised 4 stages: sensorimotor, preoperational, concrete operational, and formal operational.  During the first stage, children begin to process learning and figuring the functionalities of their bodies. During the preoperational stage, children learn language, and interaction with their mental symbols. The other two stages deal with solving problems using logic and solving queries abstractly. 

Kohlberg’s moral understanding stage theory  

With his theory, Kohlberg described three stages of moral development; these are the ‘pre-conventional’ level, ‘conventional’ moral stage, and ‘post-conventional’ moral stage. In the first stage, ‘pre-conventional’, children’s morality is significantly driven by consequences. In the second stage, ‘conventional’, our morality is driven by our belief in good and bad. In this stage, we believe in laws and orders. The last, ‘post-conventional stage’, is based upon our experience, moral obligation, and not just abiding the laws. The action is based on a set of beliefs, we think is right all the time for instance, many American soldiers drafted for the Vietnamese war, opposed the war on moral grounds. Even though their decisions were against the law, they went against it. 

The development studies homework help USA provided by us shall also include the importance of sustainable development, and topics like poverty, globalisation, urbanisation, and whatever you need help on. 

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